Try Not to Over-Analyze it…

I hear that a lot from my fiance, normally proceeded with a “Honey, really” and my response is normally along the lines of, “But it’s what I do!”

It really is what I do, I tend to analyze things to infinity…and beyond! This trait makes me very good at my job with resumes, cover letters and business communication, and even helping people with their interviewing skills. It is a great asset to have in that aspect.

But then there is the everyday life. This is when it is not so much an asset but a pain in the asset. It is not something that you can just turn off though, trust me, I’ve tried.

For example today. I am driving on I-69 and there are about 10 car lengths between me and the car behind me. But for some reason this van decides that he (I saw it was a man driving so I’m not being sexist) decides that he must RACE up at breakneck speed, slam on his brakes and cut in front of me when there is only room for a VW Beetle at best. Now, why on earth would he do that? And so it begins.

Or how about the muscle-bound man who apparently still thinks he is in his twenties by wearing too-tight of a younger man’s shirt when he is clearly my age that accused my son of hitting his car with our car door. He literally sat there and rubbed on his car until I acknowledged him to tell me that he could buff it out. I got out of the car and there was NOTHING THERE. He kept saying he couldn’t believe I was going to drive away and not say anything. In my head I’m thinking, “didn’t say anything because my son didn’t do anything and for crying out loud – buff out what?” I then caught sight of his girlfriend in the car and she looked bored. I bet she has seen this scene many a times before.

I’m still thinking of these things when I get back to my office a while ago and realize I have a few calls to make. Instead of just picking up the phone, I linger, I stall and I start to wonder why I just didn’t pick up the phone. I’ve heard anytime you do not want to do something you should think of why it is you are not doing it then tell yourself the benefit of doing it to get yourself going.

Didn’t work. I started writing a blog….

So here’s where my over-analyzing gets annoying. It is delaying me from doing something I should and keeping me worried about the bad man driver, a-few-too-many-muscle-shakes-guy and why I’m not on the phone right now – all things that I shouldn’t.

I don’t need to over analyze these things I realize, it is very simple.

1. I’m being lazy. Yep, no other way around it, just lazy.

2. Bad man driver is an idiot. He must be living with the delusion that wherever it is that he needs to go is far more important than the safety and lives of those around us. I make myself feel better thinking karma is watching and there might just be a flat tire in the rain next to the a big mud puddle in his future and the only ones that are passing him by are all those that he has cut off in the past and, well gee, they just don’t have time to stop and help.

3. Muscle-man/boy. He needs to get a grip. It is pretty easy to pick a fight with a 5′ woman when you are over 6 feet tall and show that you have more muscles than common sense. I think he was just mad because I told him that I was talking to my boys and honestly, wasn’t paying attention to him at all. I think it hurt his feelings. Oh well, in my world I think karma will have him park next to my son’s law enforcement teacher and think he can pick a fight with her because she is short too – but he’ll be stupid and say the wrong thing and well, she’s a cop and can take him down without blinking, and she works with teenage boys all day long so the scene just won’t be pretty.

So I guess my moral of the day is, sometimes people are just idiots and sometimes we are just lazy. So stop worrying about the goofballs you can’t change, stop procrastinating and just go get your work done.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some phone calls to make…

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