Seeing the Same Results? It Could be the Result of Some Bad Habits.

“First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” Rob Gilbert

Amen.  I woke up this morning and it is snowing, we already have a couple of inches on the ground and it seems as though it is going to be falling for quite some time.  This is one of those lazy Saturday mornings that I want to make some foo-foo hot chocolate and cuddle with the dogs wrapped warmly in the blankets. 

That’s what I wanted to do, instead here I sit writing my blog after completing my checklist for this morning.  I got the little dog’s sweater out this morning so she would go outside, my iPod jamming and my Mountain Dew ready.

My list is not huge and I’m not going to conquer the world this morning; however there are tasks that need to be done and it would be so easy to put them off until Monday.  But procrastination is a bad habit that I know too well.  I also realize that if I do not do the small things now they will stack up and become much bigger items that I will have to handle on an emergency basis later.  I am learning a little as I age…

The holidays can be a crazy time and they lend themselves to assisting procrastination to help us put many of our items on the back burner because the holiday events take priority.  We have to get the right gifts, compete our holiday cards, put up the decorations, make special cookies – anything that can take priority right now.  It is important to make sure you keep working on your transition goals. 

The holidays are not an excuse for anyone to stop networking, researching and job searching.  I am not preaching here – remember, I had to fight to get out of bed this morning! 

If it is your tendency to put your personal goals on the back burner due to the holidays step back for a moment and evaluate how that normally works for you.  When mid-January comes are you a frazzled mess?  Then you are participating in holiday procrastination.  Let’s break this habit now!

It does not have to be huge steps; just take a tiny step or two.  For example there are still several networking events taking place – are you attending any?  So far I have three on Monday and Tuesday. 

Are there any contacts that you have not connected with in some time?  Now is a perfect time to reconnect and you can use the holidays to do so.  Simply send an email or make a phone call to that person and let them know you realize it has been some time; however you wanted to wish them a happy holiday and are looking forward to reconnecting soon.

Does your resume need tweaked?  I find it perfectly acceptable to stay curled up in bed on a snowy morning if you are reviewing and editing your resume.

Just taking a few small steps can start you on a path to achieving your goals – just make sure to put on your snow boots and take that first step.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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