All I Want for Christmas…

I remember as a kid flipping through what my dad called the “Wish Book”, the big, glossy JC Penney catalog before Christmas time.  We would delight in looking through all the wonderful pages of stuff just waiting for us to pick it out to somehow magically be delivered Christmas morning!  Inevitably, my parents would sneak in the question, “how good have you been this year?”  Oh, yeah, that…  Darn it all Santa, keeping tabs on us all year to use to determine the amount of our loot.

It hit me today that job searching is a lot like flipping through the Wish Book.  So many people look at jobs or careers and say, “I want that, and that, and that…” but when you ask the big question, no not how good have you been, but “what have you done toward these goals” they get the same expression I did as a kid.

It is great to have goals and want to do something better, different, new – whatever you goal.  However, without the elbow grease behind it the goal becomes a dream.  Dreams are great, but not as tangible as a goal.  Work is what defines the two.

It applies to anything.  I could tell you I want perfect abs again, yes, I had them once in another lifetime when I was in college, worked out like a maniac and was on the dance squad.  But to sit here with my Dew in front of me and the Snicker Bites calling my name (shuddup!) is not going to cut it.  I have to get off my butt, work out, eat better and do all the work involved in reaching that goal. 

Sometimes it takes enlisting help.  I love having a workout partner.  It helps keep me motivated, makes working out more fun, and they help keep me dedicated to the cause.  Sometimes you need to find a workout partner for job searching.  Someone to get you motivated to network, go with you and sometimes showcase you.  Whatever it takes, you have to take action.

So have your dreams, but better yet make your goals.  Then take some small steps of action to help reach those goals.  You want a lot of loot under that tree, right?  Well, you’re going to have to tell old Santa how you have been good and working toward your goal! 

As for me, Santa, I’ve been really, really good this year!  Okay, really good…okay, good…okay, I’ve been pretty descent…okay look old man, I’ve done the best I can and I think the pros outweigh the cons here so cut me some slack, huh? 

Oh well, at least I have Snicker Bites as a bribe…

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Polish, Inc.

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