Are you Sabotaging Yourself?

I had the chance to briefly check in with my amazing friend Deb this morning. She was almost breathless when she related to me how incredibly busy she has been recently. She has a new launch for April, business is growing at a rocket pace, she is in great demand and can barely keep up with all the appointments and commitments – but through it all she was beaming. It was awesome.

On my ride back to the office I compared her excitement to my dread. I, too, am extremely busy; but I do not hold the same enthusiasm that Deb has; if I look in the mirror I am less than beaming. I was excited that I finally got my oil changed – what does that tell you?

Then I realized I was sabotaging myself. Self-sabotage comes in two forms: acts and attitude. Acts can come in many forms from “oopsie” little acts like ignoring a call that must be taken, stepping up to missing appointments/deadlines in order to avoid the work, purposefully overbooking, up to intentionally abusing a loved one’s trust. The bottom line is self-sabotage is not a healthy thing. And what it really masks is self-doubt.

When it really comes down to it self-sabotage helps you hide from things you do not want to do or self-confidence doubts that you do not want to face. In other words it is avoidance with a bite to it.

My self-sabotage took place in my attitude. It was one of those smack-you-self-in-the-forehead moments; and I did, literally, while I was driving. Sorry for anyone that was on 70 at the time! I woke up as an idiot this morning. Here I was bemoaning that there wasn’t enough time, too much to do, blah, blah, blah… As soon as the stinging started to subside on my forehead I realized thank you for all of the work that I have, thank you for the trust that other’s put in me to assist them and thank you for the opportunity to do what I love to do. Once I changed my mindset I actually got excited to get started! Now, if you will excuse me, I have lots to do, thank goodness!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

One thought on “Are you Sabotaging Yourself?

  1. This so hits home when your involved in the job search, unemployment and just trying to keep your life going in the right direction.

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