Change Can Be Good But First Change Your Attitude

We get in ruts, we form habits, things that were once exciting become routine, we settle into monotony and it becomes accepted. So when something new comes into our lives it can feel a bit unsettling, we may be afraid of it, untrusting of it, or just flat out refuse to welcome it. As adults we almost have an irrational fear of change, not all adults, I’m making generalizations, but I feel pretty safe saying the majority of adults have negative feelings toward change.

We don’t start that way, as children everything is new and exciting. Our worlds changed daily and it was awesome. Think about it, every day a child’s life changes, they learn something new, form new ideas and new concepts – they are constantly growing. It’s the adults that screw it up. We say things like, “I know you are not going to like this because it is different, but…” What would it be like if we told our children instead, “How exciting, we get to do this instead…”

Attitude is everything and others will follow our queues, verbal and non-verbal. I was determined that my son was not going to be one of those annoying picky eater kids. No offense to anyone who has a picky eater, more power to you in being patient with that. I’m just not a patient person so that was not going to work in our house. I made trying new food exciting. I even fixed food I hated so he would not pick up my food quirks – like mashed potatoes. I hate mashed potatoes, but they were a part of the big Sunday dinner every week. It took years before he realized I never ate any myself. I played games for him to eat different things.

I remember when he was about three he thought he wasn’t going to eat Brussels sprouts anymore. Hey, they are good for you! And yes, I said thought. About three is the age when little boys really like flatulence. When he announced he wasn’t going to eat them I simply looked at him and said, “Really. Cool, more for us. Oh, you know what Brussels sprouts do don’t you? They make you fart.” Never had a problem with him refusing those little suckers again.

If there is a new change in your life, welcomed or not, try approaching it in a new way. You lost your job – how about looking at is an opportunity to find something that you really want to do, or do the same job but for a better company? The company is reorganizing, perhaps it is an opportunity to expand your skills. Think a downsizing is coming, well first be thankful that you are still working and you have the opportunity to start pursuing other options while you still have income.

We can’t always control the outcome but we can control our responses and actions. Start with fear and more often than not the negative you brace for will eventually come. Challenge change, size it up and make the decision to find the opportunity hidden and then go for it, who knows you might even end up liking it.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.