What a Crazy, Wonderful World – Tattoo Inspired Thoughts

It is a crazy wonderful world. Have you ever had a thought and after a moment the magnitude of it really hits you. Just a simple statement then BAM it becomes really profound? That was my moment, let me share – because, well, it’s my blog, I write whatever seems to pop in my mind and well, you’re reading so don’t blame me!

Today I was thinking about the Relay for Life that I went to last night with my ex-husband. He is a cancer survivor and he did the Survivor’s Lap. It has been 10 years in December since he was diagnosed and three months after it will be 10 years cancer free. I need to go get a Father’s Day gift for him, yes, there is a bit of procrastination in what I do.

My dad died 16 years ago this past Wednesday of cancer. I wish I had the opportunity to have one more Father’s Day with him. My son wasn’t even three when my dad died. I wish he could be here to see my son, they would have gotten along so well. Same sense of humor.

My son is off seeing about getting another tattoo. The thought when he left was to get dog tags with my name, however, we’ll see what he comes back with. I think it ironic that he is getting a tattoo to honor me and I never got one while my dad was alive to honor his wishes. Crazy.

But it was this act that got me thinking of how crazy and wonderful this world is – crazy in so many people do not do something for someone until they are gone. Honor, appreciate, love – whatever it may be, they wait until that special person is gone. It makes me all warm and fuzzy that my son is doing this now, I love that wonderful kid.

Why wait? Why not tell someone that you care about how you feel, why wait until Father’s Day to tell your dad how great the grumpy old guy is, you don’t need a special day to show love. I try to honor my father every day by honoring the things he taught me. Wonder what he would think if I got a tattoo for him?

Lisa K McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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