The Best Thing You Did For Me Was Reject Me!

That sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it? I mean, really, who likes to be rejected? I don’t – it sucks. Been there done that – more than a few times to be honest. But in each instance it turned out to point me in really great paths.

I was once rejected for a job – and I really wanted this job. A month later I got a wild hair to call my contact and let her know that if anything else came up I the company I would defiantly be interested. She told me she was glad I called because the candidate they chose was not working out and they wanted to hire me instead.

This turned into a great job and the opportunity to grow which led to another position within the company which gave me the tools to secure another job in another firm which propelled me into a field in which I loved and succeeded.

I was let go due to “downsizing”. I went in for my annual review and was told I was being let go. Didn’t see it coming and I think I was in shock for a week. This led me to another job that I eventually hated so much that I changed directions all together and finally found the path to what I truly love. That middle part really stunk though.

I was cheated on and dismissed. After I found out I offered to work it out and he ran (not literally but point made). I thank my lucky stars that he did not want to work it out because I probably would have stayed with the looser so being rejected forced me back to being me and YIPPEE – I got back and better than before. I reconnected with people since then that I probably would not have had I still be in the relationship and I couldn’t imagine my life without them in it now. He got replaced by so much better.

We all get rejected on some level – it is life, it happens. How we deal with it is what really matters. I heard the saying it is not how far you fall but how far you bounce back. That sounds great, but there is an element of pain implied and I truly try to avoid pain if at all possible.

You have been fired, let go, dumped – whatever the case it is a matter of it-sucks-to-be-you-right-now; but it is temporary. Figure out what motivation it is going to take to get you back on track. Maybe it is anger – “You let me go? Seriously? Just watch how I make money for your competition!” Maybe it is survival, “You dumped me, I’m sad and feel worthless, but I still need to provide for my family.” Whatever it is grab it and use it to fuel you.

Once you get past the initial stages of rejection you can modify that emotion and start letting others help propel you – emotions like pride, confidence, and happiness. Look at where you have come in some manner of time – a week, month or year. Be proud of yourself for moving forward – even if just an inch.

Sometimes rejection allows you to let go of your inhibitions and really go further than you ever imagined. On the flip side, if you were accepted how much would that have held you back? Would that job ever turn into what you wanted or that relationship really fulfill you? Sometimes acceptance is settling and that is the worse thing you can allow to happen.
Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

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