The Question Isn’t “Do You Have Faith?” – It Is “Where Do You Place It?”

Faith is a wonderful thing – it brings comfort and solace, it gives hope when things seem hopeless and it gives us something to believe in when we feel overwhelmed or lost.

What I find interesting is that so many are willing to put their faith in everything external and never think to direct that faith internally.

If you ask someone what they have faith in you will normally get a list including their God, family, friends, their company, their favorite sports teams but yet themselves rarely appear on that list. If you ask them if they have faith in themselves there is normally that hesitant pause and the feeble “yes” is really a “not really but I feel like I should answer yes here.”

Faith is something to be experienced and unless you include yourself in the process you can’t fully experience it or its benefits. Faith is your guide, not your instructor. You must actively participate in faith to reach your destination.

When I work with my clients in coaching and resumes they often tell me that they have faith in what I am saying, they believe me and in me. However, I quickly let them know that they must first have faith in themselves for anything that I am providing to be effective.

For example I can write an amazing resume for a person but unless they see themselves in that manner or believe in themselves (faith) they will not distribute it thus not achieve their ultimate goal. They can agree with me all they want in terms of my coaching, but unless the have faith in themselves they will not apply it and therefore it is useless.

No matter what your goals are for today, the next month or the New Year remember to start with faith to achieve these goals. And that faith must start with faith in yourself which will be the first and most pivotal step to seeing those goals become a reality.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Coach-Strategist
Certified Professional Resume Writer
Career Polish, Inc.

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