Just Because You Have Always Done It Doesn’t Mean It Works For You

Ruts – we all get stuck in them.  Whether it be personal habits, jobs, career paths or ways of thinking – we can all easily get stuck in a rut.


Very often when working with clients an overwhelming theme is, “This is what I have always done.”


At some point I ask them, “But what do you want to do?”


That is a stumper.


Because we all get stuck in our rut and it becomes comfortable we forget that not only did we get ourselves there but we can get ourselves out, too.


Easier said than done, I know.  Trust me, I know.


The first time I had a little wake up call on a rut was from my mom.  In my family we like to add a little bit of humor, ok – sarcasm – to our life teachings.  Many moons ago after my divorce we were talking about dating and I said something about having never gone out with someone under six foot tall.  She didn’t miss a beat and deadpanned, “How’s that working out for you.”


I say that a lot now – to myself.  I also encourage others to do the same.


Are you unfulfilled with your career, personal relationships or any area within your life yet you keep repeating the same patterns yet expecting different results?  How is that working for you?


If something is not working for you take the time to look at your intentions and goals then compare them to your actions.  Do your actions support your goals?  Does your message support your goals?


Take a look at your resume and the jobs for which you are applying.  Does your resume speak to what you want to do rather than what you did?  Do you keep going after the same type of job?  How is that working out for you?


Think of it this way, if you keep going after dead-end jobs and using the exact same resume for each position it is like saying you want to be in a healthy, committed relationship but yet you keep asking out the crazy emotionally-stunted opposite sex out.


Revise your resume to write toward the position that you really want, network with people in the industry or field to get a better understanding of the requirements and how to penetrate the market, and take actionable steps to reach one goal at a time.


It took time to get in that rut so give yourself a healthy start in getting out by making a plan or changes in small increments.  One step at a time, even if it is a step backward, leads you to your goal much more than standing still.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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