So I Had This Dream….

My best friend has the best comebacks, view points and one-liners.  Sometimes she will say something that makes me laugh and really think at the same time.  Yesterday was no different.


During our morning talk, she calls me every morning during her commute into work, I was telling her about a dream I had.  Now, the thing you should understand about my best friend is she is my twin – same sarcasm, same view of the world and same character enhancement of being a major over-analyzer.


The analyzer part is something we are both working on – kind of like accountability buddies in just letting it go.


So I told her about this dream and I said, “So, what do you think it means?” because of course we both immediately started to analyze it.  Same brain waves to the point of each wondering out loud at the same time which parts we would look up in dream analysis and where.  Then we laughed at ourselves for being over-analyzers.


That’s when she said, “If we aren’t supposed to analyze then why can’t the message just be clear?”


No kidding!!


Sometimes I think we all wish for those billboard type signs that says, “Do not take job A take job B – it is much better for you!” or


“Call network contact M they have an opportunity for you but they are super busy and keep forgetting to call you.”


Something simple like that.  These little “God Winks” as my mom calls them are not good for over-analyzers.  Cryptic messages from your own all-mighty are sometimes hard to discern and already being in a panic about the future of your career or financial well being does not put you in a really good frame of mind to interpret signs.


But they are there.


Whether it is a gut feeling or a strange occurrence of seeing advertisements from a company you applied to but have yet to follow up with – there is a message in there somewhere.


But what does it mean and what am I supposed to do with it?


The above questions are something I hear a lot – a lot – from clients when they recognize something.  My response to them is pretty much always the same: “What do you want to do?”


That’s when the brain starts kicking in and it gets all wonky and wobbly.  So my next statement is: “Stop thinking and just tell me – what do you want to do.”


Sometimes we just plain over-think things – I am the first to raise my hand to admitting guilt in doing this.  That is when you need to turn off the brain the most.  Stop thinking and just answer.  That is when having a co-conspirator/best friend/coach is invaluable.


You need that person to literally interrupt your train of thought and non-verbal pause with: “Stop thinking and just answer.”


Sometimes we have the answer but we just don’t trust it so we don’t listen to it.  Let it come through and hear what it has to say.  Then, if the need arises, you can analyze the why, but you must first let the voice be heard.


Trust yourself first then analyze the situation.  It is something that sounds so simple, is difficult to do yet amazingly powerful in execution.  It takes practice and is best learned by having a partner help you; yet once you start empowering your inner voice you will find that you have a very strong ally right there with you at all times.


Oh, and by the way, we decided the meaning behind my dream was that I needed more sleep because having very little causes me to have funky dreams.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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