I Tried That Before

scoreboardI had a coaching session recently and my client and I were discussing next steps.  I had suggested an avenue to take, ways to approach it and a couple places to begin.


After a pause he said, “I’ve done that before and it did not generate any results.”


I know it was the frustration talking.  And some fear thrown in.


Failure, even in the beginning stages of an endeavor, can be extremely frustrating, hurtful or even painful.  It can change our whole outlook.  It can turn excitement in emptiness.


“Success is not permanent and failure is not fatal,” is one of my favorite quotes.


Failure has a hidden weakness.


It is timing.  We can fail at something and the reason may simply be timing.  Right now is not the right time.


You happen to meet the hiring manager for the job of your dreams only to find out they just filled it.


You ask someone if they happen to know anyone in their network that could assist you in finding out more about a certain industry, company or position and the cannot think of a sole.


You approach a prospect about a new project for them and they just spent their remaining budget on a completely unrelated project.


These could all be considered failures.  I prefer to look at them as bad timing.


The thing with bad timing is time doesn’t stop.  There is a natural ebb and flow to things.  Sometimes we have to learn to wait and get the rhythm down before we can make a move.


Think of it like double jump rope.  Before anyone jumps in they watch for a minute to get the feel for the timing of the ropes.


It is important that you keep doing the activities that you are doing and keep in touch with people because the tide will turn.


Maybe in a month that company will realize that the person they just hired when you heard about the job is not working out and the position is getting ready to be open again.  If you keep in touch with that hiring manager they may very well call you first before they make a public announcement.


Perhaps at the time you asked your friend about network connections they just could not think of anyone or they were preoccupied with other matters at that time.  A week or two later or even a month or so down the road they run into one of their connections and realize that is a person you could talk to and they make the call.


The client might close on a really big deal down the road and get unexpected cash flow that they can now use for your project.


More than likely you will not hear about these things unless you keep in touch.  If it is important to you than it is important to keep in touch.


Things change in time.  Circumstances, opinions and even you.  Your situation is now different, or perhaps your attitude or even what you are willing to do now that you wouldn’t or couldn’t before; but you will now.


You don’t always win big at the first attempt.  It is a process, a series and it takes continual, positive effort.  Then again you may knock it out of the park on the first attempt but the next few may lend no results.  Don’t stop.


Think of your goals as a football game.  You could go scoreless the first three quarters and come back strong in the fourth to take the game.  You could run up the score in the first quarter then get your butt handed two you over the next two – but there is still one quarter left to play.


The clock hasn’t run out – keep going.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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