Say Something

mouth taped shutMy best friend and I have this common trait – we are never at a lack of words.  It normally isn’t that we forget to say something; it is normally struggling not to say something.  That is why we have conversation recaps so that we can say the things that we were thinking but not actually saying out loud.


I’ve actually asked my friends after getting a look if I said something in my “out loud” voice.  In all fairness, people really shouldn’t ask me a question if they don’t want to hear my response or thoughts on the matter.


When job searching and/or networking I have found that some people have the opposite problem: they do not know what to say which leads them to saying nothing at all.


This in turn could lead to missing all sorts of opportunities.


So is it better to say nothing and just listen or to say something and possibly look like a fool.


Go with the fool.


The other person may think you are a little off or all the way to not quite right in the head but the alternative is they won’t remember you at all.


I’ve been at networking events where I have completely misunderstood what someone said they did.  When I respond along the same line of thinking as what I thought I heard they have looked at me like I have three heads.


That is where you can make it work for you or run away and hide.


In my case I just told them that apparently I completely misunderstood what they said and make light about it.  I will tell them that either the blonde soaked in too much during the last coloring or the brain and the ears were not working together.


Then we start again.


The point is to say something and then you can build from there.  If you don’t then how will the other person know about what you have to offer or what you are looking for or that you actually may be the perfect match for their need?  No one is a mind reader you know.


It falls on you to say something.


Because if that opportunity passes you by and you never even made an attempt it wont be the moment that you just missed that you will be kicking yourself about; it will be where that moment could have lead.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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