Don’t Let A Title Freak You Out

Man holding roseSo today is Valentines Day: the day that freaks men and women out all across the world.


“What should I get, should I get anything, what will it mean, what if I don’t have a valentine, I’m going to publicly denounce valentines day because I’m single, I’m going to post eewy-gooey pictures of me and my significant other in various stages of kissing to show the world how much I love them on Valentines Day….”


Facebook is a never ending source of entertainment….


The way I look at it – it is the day before all the chocolate goes on sale and the day before my dad’s birthday.  I’ve never been a big Valentines Day girl even when I was married or in a serious relationship.  Of course I’m also the kind of girl that doesn’t want flowers as an apology.


Because today is a day that is titled it freaks people out.


Why – because with a title there are built-in assumptions.


Most of these assumptions are in our own head and so we make it worse for ourselves.  Although I will admit – Hallmark is not helping guys out on this day.


If I take this title then I am going to have to take on all this responsibility and I don’t know if I am ready or if I can pull it off.




If you are offered a title it is because it is a fit – you can do it and you can succeed and someone believes in you or they would not have offered it to you.


Taking on a title does not mean that the world is going to change for you.  I’ve talked to many a client who have, in the course of their career, taken on “bigger” titles but said in all honesty nothing changed.


Look at the situation, what it has to offer, what you want out of it and if any changes are expected.  Do not assume.


If you have a meeting scheduled with someone with a bigger title – remember, they are still a person.  Get past the title to the point of the meeting.  You are there to offer value so what can you bring to the table and what do they have to offer?  What can you learn from them?


I coach my clients when networking to NOT introduce themselves by their title because it is worthless.  Rarely does a title really give a clear understanding to the value that you have to offer.


When you start feeling your heart race over hearing a title take a minute to stop and breathe.  Think about what is behind the title and if there are any assumptions that you are making without facts.


Look behind the curtain and you may see the title is merely a giant wall masking a diminutive figure which has no affect on your value whatsoever.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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