Do You Have To See To Believe Or Believe To See?

QuestionsJust soak that in for a moment – it is a pretty simple yet strong question.  I don’t know that anyone falls into a strict one category or the other.   For me, there are things that I have to see to believe – it is called actions speak louder than words.  You can tell me anything you want but until I see them in practice, continually and with purpose I really don’t believe it.  Let’s not forget I’m a wordsmith by trade.   Then there are other things that I don’t have to see, I just believe.  That cynicism I guess you could call it is not a factor, I just know.  These competing paradigms can really cause havoc personally and professionally.   We can be very set in our ways in how be choose to take things as truth – either by believing or seeing and when we do not see the results we want we dig our heels in even further to our chosen method.   I propose a truce.  I propose that we find a balance between the two.  It starts with taking your normal method and switching it out with the other.  If you have to see something in order to believe it try believing in it before you see it.   Oh, that will throw a monkey wrench in your whole day, I know.  But bear with me for a minute.   If you are getting frustrated by lack of results sometimes the best thing you can do is change your perspective rather than your expectations.   If you have sent in your resume or had a great interview yet you have not heard anything you are probably getting to a point of frustration.  Frustration leads to jumping to conclusions and those conclusions are based on the way we perceive truth.   They haven’t call therefore I didn’t get the job.  If they wanted to hire me they would have called.  I don’t see it so therefore it is not happening.   But what if there is a situation happening within the company that you are not aware of and it is causing a delay that the hiring manager has no control over?  What if, just this once, it is not about you?  Could it be that it is happening you just are not privy to it?   Try thinking of it from a different perspective can help give your mind a break from the doom and gloom and give you the opportunity to consider different options.   If nothing else it can create a epic battle in your mind moving beyond the job opportunity to such major issues such as if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make noise, how do you define love – is it something you see or feel and which came first, the chicken or the egg and why do we really care.     Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW Career Coach-Strategist Certified Professional Resume Writer Career Polish, Inc.

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