When Words Are Not Necessary

Luke & Lexi sleepy timeThese are two of my dogs, Luke and Lexi.  You can tell they are buddies, actually me trying to describe the two or their relationship really takes away from the picture.

When I first got Luke someone asked me how he was getting along with the other dogs – all I had to do was show them a picture like this and it said it all.

I am a writer, I make my living and provide great value using words.  Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, business bios – I know words, how to use them, their impact and their necessity.

But there are times that one should really learn to shut up because the word hurt you.

There are two instances when this is the case:

When your actions are in conflict with your words. You may tell me that you are a well organized, professional and driven person but if you show up 15 minutes late to the interview in a disheveled state then your actions just destroyed your words.

Think carefully about what picture you are painting with your words on resumes, LinkedIn or any business communication.  If you cannot back them up with actions you are literally lying to your clients, prospects and future employers.  Not a good way to start a relationship.

When you won’t give the other person a chance to listen.  During interviewing or networking we want so badly to win the other person over and we often try too hard.  When we are asked a question we happily give our response but when there is not an immediate reaction we panic.

Then we open the floodgates of verbal diarrhea.  We continue to talk and talk trying desperately to get a response to validate that the other person understand exactly what we are trying to say.  At this point they don’t; they are more concerned with your desperation rather than your statement.

We need to learn to relax.  After we answer the question give the other person the chance to digest and ask any follow up while we wait confidently.  That quiet confidence will speak volumes.

Your attitude and thoughts are vital, your words are supportive and your actions demonstrate.

In your recent endeavors are your actions demonstrating or destroying your words?


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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