Do You Look At or Listen To Advice?

monkey no seeYesterday I was on the phone with a business partner discussing an opportunity in another state while my son was visiting.

I wasn’t sure what he was doing during the call other than keeping the dogs occupied, which I appreciated; but it turns out he was listening intently.

I found this out after the call when he sat down across from me and said, “Do you mind if I give you a little advice?”

Alrighty then.

My 20 year old son is actively searching for a job and looking forward to college in the fall. I’m a coach of all things pre-employment. See the irony here?

But there is one thing I know about my son – he is extremely intelligent and insightful, so I welcomed his feedback.

It was good.

Completely relevant and sound.

Oftentimes we don’t listen to what we are told because we are too busy looking at the person that is giving it and dismissing it before we have even given it a chance. That whole judge a book by its cover thing.

I know my sons gifts and I also know that he is my biggest supporter and protector so anything he would have to say would only be in my best interest. It allowed me to listen with an open mind and have a conversation with him.

When someone offers advice before you judge if they are worthy think first about their motives.

Is it being offered to help, for your best interest and in a positive way? Then listen. No matter who it comes from. It is a gift and you should take heed.

Everyone has something to contribute but often we do not allow others to do so because we think they can’t possibly understand. Well, if that were the case wouldn’t you have it all figured out already and not draw the attention of someone who wants to help? Think about that for a minute.

When someone gives advice and it is actually received you give a gift back to them – appreciation and validation. There is no better feeling than appreciation so not only are they helping you but you are helping them.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

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