Lose the Title; Gain the Value

One of the most devastating aspects of job searching is the loss of identity.


Whether you quit, got laid off or were fired it is easy to feel that your identity has been surgically removed from your physical body without the use of anesthetic, warning or sharp instruments.


It is painful, lingering and debilitating.


That is what you did, that is how you presented yourself to the world, that is what defined you and now it is gone.




That was a title.


Let me make it clear: in my world you are only allowed one set of titles: mother, father, daughter, son, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, cousin….see where I am going here?


What you did for that company is not determined by your title.  It is determined by the value you gave and that you still have to give to someone else.


My name is Lisa McDonald and I am a mother, aunt, daughter, niece and cousin.  If you want to put any other titles on me, here are a few you can choose from:


  • Step-mom still there for three amazing kids even though I am not legally a part of their family any more (you loose the spouse, not the kids)
  • Adopted-mom to a bunch of terrific boys that grew up with my son; part of their childhood they grew up in my house, ate dinners at my table, asked the most outrageous questions and received unconditional love
  • Dog wrangler to a pack of four wonderful furry children who bring me joy every day and quite frankly I would rather hang out with other than people some days
  • Coach to the best clients a person could ever ask for; even though I am there to give personal advice, tools and guidance I receive so much more from them in allowing me to be a brief part of their life and journeys
  • Storyteller bridging people’s past to their future and allowing them to rediscover the value in themselves and take control of their situations, emotion and lives again.
  • Best friend grateful to be called such by the most amazing person I know; honored to share in so many journeys, adventures, trials and tribulations knowing no matter what she is my person
  • Directionally illiterate, yes, even with modern day inventions of GPS and Tom Tom I can still manage to get lost – it’s a talent
  • Music lover often getting lost in great appreciation for the ability to immerse myself in the feel of music
  • Dork, no proud dork, often having to be explain the punch line or instructions and generally okay with having to explain myself after seeing the very confused look on my family and friend’s faces


That is who I am.


Not a former Compliance Officer, Manager, Recruiter blah blah blah.


I don’t introduce myself as a Professional Resume Writer and Career Coach, I introduce myself as the person that helps people get from where they are to where they want to be in their job searching or business.


I am value – not a title.


This week and weekend as we celebrate the glory and independence of our freedom take a moment to celebrate your own glory that is your value.


For that is the true measure of who you are – not some stupid title.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW



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