Presentation is the Winning Edge

Jack Everly Chris Botti

Last night I had the pleasure of introducing two friends to a fantastic musician, Chris Botti, who was in concert with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra last night.  I had seen this combination several years ago the last time Chris Botti was in town so I was very excited to see them again.


Knowing that friends Lorraine and Andy are both music lovers I suggested going not too long ago and thankfully we were able to get tickets just a day or so before the show.  Not only did we get tickets – we were on the floor eight rows from the stage!


Prior to the concert Andy made the comment about the seats not being very important since it was about the music.  I agree; however, I had seen this before so I knew the visual aspect was just as important.


There is an interesting thing about both the Jack Everly, the conductor for the ISO, and Chris Botti and his band – they are performers, not just musicians.  The attached picture is of Jack Everly and Chris Botti – sorry about the fuzzies, apparently I was enjoying myself so much I couldn’t hold my phone still!


When Mr. Everly conducts, he is not just leading the musicians; he is communicating his passion and the music through his movements.   The musicians respond not only to the direction but they also respond to him; as does the audience.


Chris Botti does this and takes it one step further – he continually admires, praises and recognizes the members of his band and accompanying professionals throughout the entire performance.  It is honest, genuine shows true leadership in promoting those around him.


Every member of his band and the accompanying professionals were amazing in their own right.  I wish I could remember all their names so forgive me by referring to most by their instrument.


The drummer was flat out phenomenal and fun to watch.  He interacted with the band and the audience, his facial expressions were engaging and his techniques were spellbinding.


The bass player was like the cool jazz cat that would hang out, bobbing his head and then out of no where he would break out into an amazing solo full of energy that instantly brought everyone up to the next level.


The pianist, Taylor Eigsti, I don’t know how he didn’t pass out on stage.  No only is he extraordinary gifted but that man gave it everything and more when he played.  I was seriously hoping there were EMTs near by!


The guitar player was gifted and serene easily standing to the side unnoticed until you realized that he was mesmerizing you with a solo.


There were two guest vocalists, the gentleman appeared dapper and reserved and then this big, beautiful voice filled the auditorium.


The female, Sy Smith, was nothing less that electric.  You literally could feel her touch you through her voice and her presentation.  At one point, Lorraine leaned over and whispered, “She’s adorable!”  Not only can this woman knock you off your feet with her talent, she exudes passion, excitement and a love for what she does.


The musicians of the ISO; well, there are none better.


Let’s face it, there are a lot of musicians out there.  Many are great at what they do but they lack that one thing, the thing that propels them from good or great to exceptional:  presence.


Everyone listed above had that one quality – presence.  They had it in spades.


It is not just a matter of being good at what you do – it is a matter of loving what you do and of making a difference.


If you are searching for a job or looking to transition to the next level – take a lesson from them.  Your competition may be just as good as you at what you do, but what will help you stand apart from them is your presence.


Before you talk to someone about a possible job take a minute to remember why it is you do what you do.  What do you love about it?  What keeps you engaged in it and wanting to improve?  Speak from that place and you will create the right presence.


Keep in mind those around you as well.  Remember – one of the most refreshing and admirable things Mr. Botti did was to continually put his band front and center.  How has your supporting cast not only supported you but also succeeded in their own right?  How have you made a difference in that?


How have people helped you along the way and what did you learn from it?  Mr. Botti also mentioned his music teacher at IndianaUniversity who was his great inspiration and such an influence on so many jazz musicians – he even recognized him in the audience and cheered on a standing ovation for him.  He also mentioned his great thanks and admiration for Sting for helping propel his career.


I will gladly pay to go see this professionals any time they are near, but I am not going to pay to hear someone play the same music in a pretty good way.


Employers are thinking the same of you.  They will pay top dollar for those with the skills, passion and presence, but will pass on the ones that can just get the job done.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.






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