The 1 Thing To Do RIGHT NOW To Recharge, Launch or Boost Your Career, Business or Job Search

finger pointingI am going to let you in on a very powerful secret.  It is something that you can do immediately upon reading it that will literally change the game.


Imagine people helping you, willingly and with joy, find that right job or connect you to the right clients.


And it will start to happen when you do this one thing.  The best part is – you can do it right here, right now without any physical strain or money invested!


Seriously, it is that easy.


And it is literally two words.


Can you imagine a life-changing opportunity by just following two words?


It can happen – you just have to follow these two little words.


Are you ready for it?  Really, really ready for it?


It may sound harsh and may be bold but ok, here goes; brace yourself:


Stop whining.


That’s it.


That is the wisdom, that is the simplicity and that is the key.


I have spoke repeatedly on the importance of having gratitude, knowing your value and giving to others unselfishly; however before you can begin embracing these things (which are all important components of reaching your goal) you must first start at ground zero.


Ground zero is you.  People will support you and opportunities will develop if you allow them.


Whining repels people.


People get frustrated and feel unappreciated in helping someone that continually complains.  The more you whine the more people quite honestly do not want to hear it, especially if they have tried to help you.


Imagine the good feeling you have in telling someone about a potential job opportunity and their response is, “well it really isn’t what I am looking for, it is beneath what I have done in the past and I am just so tired of the only jobs available are ones that I am way overqualified for.”


I would be done.


We have a little thing we do between my son, his father and myself to help remind each other to not whine.  When, even in a missed attempt, we try to help one another if the receiver starts whining the giver simply looks at them and says, “You are welcome.”


People give because they want to and they will continue to give when they know it is appreciated and they feel it has done some bit of good.  It makes people feel good.  We like to feel good; therefore, the more good we feel we do the more we give.


Whining tells people immediately to not even bother trying because you probably are not going to appreciate it so it will suck the happy right out of your giving.


Two words, so simple in their statement and even thought I have presented it in a flippant manner, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.


When you get into whiner zone sometimes you do not realize how far deep they have plunged into that pool.  Whining becomes a natural reaction.  An annoying reaction, but an instant reaction.


It has to be a conscious decision one that you work on until it no longer is a reaction nor a chosen response.


When you feel a whine coming on take a breath.  It will make you stop a beat.  Either bite it back and don’t release it out loud or try something radical – state out loud something you are thankful for.


This doesn’t have to be major, just something.  For example I came home the other day with my mind on fully focused on a project unsure if it will come to fruition.  While I was gone pup number 4 had decided to open the mail, go through the sales papers by tearing them up and leaving them all over the kitchen and then making sure no other pup played with his mess, he peed on them.


Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper.  Instead of whining about it, I took a breath, smiled at him and said, “I’m thankful you didn’t poop in the living room.”


Hey, you take a win where you can get it.


The point is, I could have easily come home and whined about the project and lack of movement, but instead I realized no one wanted to hear that and hey, my life isn’t that bad, I didn’t have to clean up poop.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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