Attention: Focus, Action or Both?

I posted a quote this morning that really resonated with me, and seems to be resonating with others as well:


 “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll still get run over if you just sit there.” ~ Will Rogers.


I have been sitting on the tracks and been very frustrated because I am not seeing the results that I want.  It has made me quite grumpy.


I am a big fan of Bob Procter says and I heard him say what you give interest, attention and expectation to you will receive.  This makes sense to me.  I am following this thought. 


So what is the deal?


I’m giving it interest by setting the goals; I am giving them interest by being focused on them and I am expecting them to happen. 


So what’s the hold up?


I have even asked this out-loud in a very frustrated way to no one in particular but any higher power that was listening. 


Then I saw the quote.


Oh damn.  An ah-ha moment and it is on me.


It is the attention.  I was screwing that part up.  I was translating it incorrectly.  Yes, focusing on your goals is giving them attention but it is a pebble on the mountain of importance.  The real key is attention by action.


I can focus on something all I want but guess what – it is not going to change until I get off my butt and stop staring at it and do something about it.


Sometimes I have a client that we have worked through the process of creating a resume and they have all the tools they need to move forward:  they  know what their value is and they know how to communicate it and yet they have not moved forward.


In the course of a follow up conversation, I discover that the missing element is the action.  You have to network with people to tell them your value; you have to go after positions to give them your resume and open doors.  You have to take action.  Without it, your awesome tools are just keeping you company rather than working for you.


What is it you want?  Define it and see yourself in that role.  Then prepare yourself by getting all the tools you need to get there.  Further prepare yourself by seeing yourself in that role.  Now to make it full circle and actually get there determine what action you need to take and do it.


Not all action will be successful or correct; however it is action and it will take you one step closer to getting where you want to be.  Even if it is wrong, even if it is does not result in immediate results; any action is propelling you along your path. 


If you are not moving then you are sitting still; and if you are sitting still you are more than likely to get run over.


Lisa K McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach & Brand Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer


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