Taking a Job You Do Not Want is Choking on a Chipmunk

Oh yes, you read that title correctly.

I did compare taking a job you do not want to choking on those cute little furry rodents that create havoc in your yard.

My point is this: just because something is offered, or attractive to others, does not mean you should or have to want it for yourself; or that it is the best thing for you.  It could do more damage than good.

Let me explain the chipmunk reference.

I have three dogs; two think they are hunters.  Great hunters.  They get on a scent of a furry creature and put noses to the ground and make strange noises.  The reality is, my dogs are not hunters.  Instead of being a stealthy, lean hunting machine, they are more like the three stooges.

This week we had a situation.  Three dogs and two chipmunks meeting in the fenced in backyard.

The two mighty hunters kept losing the chipmunks because they would run between their legs, where Luke would discover it running toward him.  Luke had no idea what was going on and was quite fascinated with these furry little toys that moved on their own.

At one point, a chipmunk went flying in the air and was picked up by the lead hunter, Lexi.  I think there might have been a little fight left in the furry creature because she dropped it and that is when Luke picked it up.  He really had no interest in picking these things up until Lexi dropped it.  Then he wanted it.

This insane desire for something he didn’t even want in the first place was reinforced when I told him to drop it and proceeded to walk behind him as he trotted through the yard staying at least arms-length away from me.

Then he went into a corner, at which point I took a hold of his collar and told him to drop it (again) to which he realized the fight was over and since this seemed to be such a prized possession, he swallowed it.

At this point I was pretty much over wild life.  My first thought, of which I expressed in my out-loud voice was, “Great, now I have to take a dog to the vet because he’s choking on a chipmunk!”  I think I even looked up to the sky and said an out-loud, exasperated, “Seriously?!” 

Luke’s response to this was a loud hacking noise and the spitting up of the intact, yet dead, rodent.

Great, no chocking dog, but we were not done.  At this point, the sky opened up and a storm unleashed on us.  Now I was really over wild life and nature.  The two great hunters were thwarted by their kryptonite: rain.  They don’t like being outside in rain, not even sprinkles.  So in went the other two, which left me and Luke in a weird standoff highlighted with a chipmunk tail hanging out of his mouth.

If he wanted that thing so bad and was willing to possibly chock on it, there wasn’t anything I could do.  So, I used a fur-mommy trick and told him I was going in for treats.  Out spat the chipmunk and he beat me to the door.

The dog never wanted to actually possess the chipmunk until he thought everyone else wanted it.  Maybe, in some strange dog telepathy, the two great hunters told him he should grab it while he can – you never know when another chipmunk opportunity might come along.

In following along what others said even against what he wanted, he choked on a chipmunk.

Don’t chock on a chipmunk.

I understand that sometimes we have to take a job out of sheer necessity.  We have mouths to feed, bills to pay and a roof to keep over our heads.  I get that.

But if you are not in dire straits, if you are just taking a job because other people tell you to or you are just tired of being rejected and want to get hired just to get that feeling of being wanted again – don’t.

You will not like the job, you will be frustrated and you might find yourself in a worse predicament chastising yourself for taking a job and wanting to quit after a few months and thinking of how bad it is going to look for you.

You would choke on the chipmunk you didn’t even want.

Your time will come.  Take the job that you want, that fulfills you, that helps you get to the place you want to go.

Once inside, Luke gleefully jumped on and picked up socky.  This is an old sock tied in a knot which served as a chew toy and item of tug-of-war and was back in his happy place.

Drop the chipmunk, go find your socky.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Brand Strategist & Career Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer



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