Why I Think New Year Resolutions Bite … and Celebration Lists Rock

new years pictureI am not a big fan of doing anything that sets you up for failure. This is why I am not a big fan of making New Year Resolutions or online dating sites, but that is another story.

I understand and appreciate the idea behind New Year’s Resolutions; I just think they come with too much pressure and unrealistic expectations.

I love the pictures of an empty gym parking lot on December 30 and a packed parking lot on January 2. The third picture should be another empty lot in March.

I used to not make New Year’s Resolutions, but when I told anyone this they would look at me like I had two heads. Unheard of! Why on earth would someone choose to not subject themselves to a big, ol’ life changing to-do list on the same date as most everyone else and then proclaim it to all? I know I’m a killjoy.

I also do not like the judgment of resolutions.

I am five foot tall and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. If my Fall were filled with lots and lots of the good stuff including wine, chili, lasagna, ham and beans and other wonderful Midwest Fall food, I might make a resolution to lose weight.

This would be met with, “You are so tiny you don’t need to lose weight.” Same would be said if I made a resolution of working out.

I did yoga for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it – after we were done. During the yoga I had many a conversation with my body about how it does not care to move as though I was elastic, pleads of not having gas and a reminder that there would be wine after the session. Welcome to my world of work outs.

I also like my bad habits and have no desire to part ways with them at this time.

So now, my resolution is simple: to be less of a historian and more of an adventurer. Most do not know what I mean or how to respond to this and that works for me. Stunned or confused silence is my friend.

By the way, what it means is that I want to continue to look less and less on my past (particularly my learning experiences, labeled by some as failures) and look more to my future with great excitement and participation.

I am not a glass half empty or half full kind of girl, I’m more of a glass has room for a refill kind of girl.

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I like to make a Celebration List; I am a killjoy and a list maker.

I choose not to look forward to a brand new year with the attitude I need to change or improve major or all aspects of my life. I choose instead to look back on the things I am proud of and build on those.

I had plenty of learning experiences and some pretty great successes:

  • I began walking with a group of women. On the weekends and throughout the week we logged miles and miles while we have wonderful conversations about work, life, men, children and ideas. I would like to build on this by doing it more often.
  • I was able to get one of the boys to walk on the trail without dragging me along or stopping to pee on every blade of grass. I would like to build on this by being able to bring both my boys on these walks and not be banned from the trail. My boys are my dogs, Luke and Bandit.
  • I bought a car, and said goodbye to two. I am going to and have started building on this by learning how to do simple car things – like change spark plugs, O2 sensors, fixing mufflers and learning about water pumps and other car stuff.I built a beautiful garden complete with an arbor and gate and filled it with lots of vegetables and herbs. Some actually survived! I would like to build on this by not planting so many cucumber plants, those things go crazy, and to take cooking classes to learn how to use those herbs.
  • I built a fire pit and stone walkway. I will build on this by sitting in front of the pit more often, it is an awesome place for meditation – and wine.
  • I completely redid my master bedroom. I will build on this by building a custom closet organization myself.
  • I wrote articles that had tremendous outreach and connected with new clients all over the world. I would like to build on this by offering more.
  • I had great ideas come to me, all in haphazard ways which finally came to make sense and will be building on this to launch something exciting in 2015.

I did not end 2014 in tip top shape, eating healthy and having a monstrous bank account; but then again, those were not my goals. My goal was to be happy, and I succeeded beautifully.

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