The size of my doubts and fears used to feel as big as the Red Rocks.

Hi, I’m Lisa – Entrepreneur, Master Mindset Coach, Career Coach, Yoga Instructor, and recovering people pleaser.

I am a guide who helps people figure out where they want to go then get there.

We uncover what they really want and what’s stopped them from going after it until now.

Then we set a course of overcoming those challenges within a customized roadmap to get them to their destination.

I know how self-doubt and self-sabotage can suck the life out of you.

Been there, done that. Even while I was achieving great success as a leader, after launching my first business, and at every other point I can think of.

I will never go back there again.

I had enough. I got tired of being told I wasn’t enough by people in and outside of my world, but mostly – and here was the turning point – by myself.

It was how I talked to myself that kept me stuck.

I’m on a personal mission to help people change the way they talk to and about themselves.

I’m here to help people learn to embrace and celebrate who they are; set and achieve goals that are meaningful to them; have fulfilling careers; and amp up the joy in their life.

Won’t you join me?