Let me introduce myself…

About me

I'm a recovered people-pleaser and unapologetic, unwavering optimist.

If you want a coach that supports and encourages you while holding you accountable, listens without judgement while keeping you honest with yourself – all with a positive outlook on life no matter what the situation – I’m your girl.

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand life isn’t always a bed of roses. My life is a testament to that!  My outlook and my attitude which influence my coaching are my choices. I choose to see the best in life, situations, and people. 

The bottom line is, I’ve been there and come out on the other side. It’s not just personal experience, I’ve also dedicated myself to mastering the tools, processes, and techniques that are research-based, proven to help you.

Life Changes


what can I help you with?

Achieving goals

career changes

Everyone deserves to put themselves first, to make audacious goals and go after them with unapologetic, genuine confidence. To learn there is only success or learning, no failure.
lisa k mcdonald


My passion for communication and empowering others to make positive changes in every aspect of their life has led me to earn the following:

Certified Master Mindset Coach

I utilize techniques and tools from four specific training areas: Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, CBT-Cognitive Behavioral, and REBT-Rational Emotive (certified in each).

Certified Transformational Life Coach

We focus on the change you want to make using a proven, practical process of seven steps: Intention, Needs, Journey, Desire, Identity, Transformation & Goals.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

I use NLP's powerful techniques to break through entrenched self-limiting and sabotaging behavior and communication which allows the brain to accept change.

Certified Professional Resume Writer & Career Coach

I help people achieve their career dreams and goals as an empowering, strategy driven Career Coach and award winning, published Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Registered, Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified as RYT200 Yoga Instructor. My style is closest to vinyasa with a twist, my background music is Motown and we don't do gumby moves.

About Me

I am a cornucopia of titles. Entrepreneur, Yoga Instructor, GiGi, Coach, Partner, Jesus Follower, Aspiring Hiker, Dog Mom – just like you I am not one thing or defined by one title. 

I launched Career Polish in 2009 to help people connect with what they enjoy doing and secure the right place to do that. Thousands of successes later, I still do.

It didn’t take long to realize the key to success is two-fold: how you talk to yourself and how you talk about yourself. And that all starts with your mindset.  And so began my quest for more knowledge, training, and passion for coaching for empowerment to make real, lasting, positive life changes.

Me & Mr. B

Early in my career, I was a leader in the financial industry (Merrill Lynch, Prudential, Key Bank/McDonald Investments) having held Series 7, 9, 10, 63, 65, 26, Indiana Life & Health and Property and Casualty licenses.

The Yoga Instructor is newest. After feeling out my 50s, I decided I needed a change. I tried yoga, hated the first month or so, then fell in love the day I felt I finally hit a pose. That led to wanting to learn more, then wanting to provide a style for people like me, not a spring chicken, yet powerful and wanting to stay that way!