Adaptation is Not Settling

Often when talking to my clients I hear one phrase repeated over and over, in different variations, but all boiling down to the same thing: “I’m not where I want to be.”


We never are.


Even when we reach that ultimate point and live there in bliss we often find that our needs or desires have changed and we want or need something a little different, a little more, a little challenging, a little less chaotic – just something.  And then we find we are not where we want to be.


It is a cycle – it is called growth.


Professionally I am exactly where I want to be – yet there is more that I want to do, other areas I want to expand, other audiences I want to reach, other goals I want to conquer.  In the meantime I adapt to where I am at this moment and am truly happy every day for what is around me at this time.


I learned this lesson from my dogs.


In case you are new I have five – although the littlest one is probably going to go live with a friend of mine when he moves, but at the moment I have five dogs.  Five distinct personalities in various sizes and ages ranging from 12 years, Micki, to 10 months, Brutus.


Brutus has brothers – a 2 year old Lab/Boxer, Luke, and a 3 year old Pit/Basset, Bandit.  The boys are rowdy and love to play, and really love to chew on things.  They love toys.  They have lots of them but not what one would normally think of for dog toys.


No cute fuzzy stuffed dog toys in my house.


I cannot give the boys those normal dog toys because they cause fights.  You see, the oldest dog in her day loved to take those toys, find the tag, rip it off and de-stuff the toy.  She would do this in record time and once the toy was demolished, she wanted nothing more to do with it.  Unless someone else showed interest then she would get mean.


She doesn’t share well.


So having two large, young male dogs it is not a good situation to introduce a toy that would cause the eldest to get mean.  I tried this once – it was not pretty.  But the baby of the group found a solution.


Empty pop bottles and cartons.


I drink a lot of Dew and there is a continual supply of 2 liter and 20 ounce bottles or empty 12 pack cardboard boxes.  One day Brutus grabbed an empty one and found heaven.  He loved chewing on the bottles because they made so much noise and the boys liked to play tug of war with the boxes.  Not only do all three boys love these as toys – the oldest has no desire to play with them at all.


Something so simple and readily available made the entire pack happy.  It was genius.


They have no idea that they are missing out on expensive fight-provoking toys; they are perfectly content dragging empty boxes and bottles around and playing keep away.


They have adapted without sacrifice.  It is called adaptation and perception.


They took what was there, made the most of it and I have happy dogs.


So maybe you are not exactly where you want to be or as fulfilled as you wish to be – before you start to bemoan have you taken the opportunity to open your eyes to what is around you now?


Maybe there is something that you have overlooked that is that little piece of happiness that has eluded you.  When you start to appreciate what is right in front of you without over-thinking it you can actually fill that need; and you can stop searching high and low and be happy right where you are, right now.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.



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