I realized while sitting in my office today that once I heard the pitter-patter of my tons tiny feet, which lead to the clomping of my son and his friends racing through the house and how I hear the rampage of my dogs tearing up and down the stairs and out the back door.  Things change.


My mother used to laugh at the exploits of my son when he was a toddler and ask, “He didn’t get hurt doing that did he?”  Now when I tell her about his exploits she asks, “You didn’t hurt him did you?”  Things change.


I was on a conference call yesterday and the moderator made the statement, “You either change or you die.”  Well that’s pretty strong now isn’t it?  I almost felt like if I didn’t make necessary changes within the next five minutes someone was going to have to go find my Will.  Geez.  Talk about pressure!


I do believe that it is necessary for us to adapt, which is a much more gentle word and concept.  Sometimes change in perceived as a big movement or radical transformation.  It may not be necessary to completely alter your behavior, thoughts or intentions.  Sometimes it is simply a case of modification.


I had lunch today with a friend that has been in his industry for over 20 years.  At one point in his career he pursued a different career but eventually came back.  He was telling me about his observations about how things have changed, but the essence of what made him successful still holds true today – he’s just had to adapt to a few changes within the industry itself.


Sometimes I think we look at a situation and it feels like somewhere we have been before – either a new job or coming back within an industry and we tend to over-think it.  Be fear that things are so similar so perhaps a negative that happened before will happen again, i.e. loosing a job, bad boss relationship, etc. that we fall back to our old behavior.


But it is not the same, everything has to change somewhat to continue to grow.  So perhaps the company has adapted to employees leaving because of poor management or strengthened their financials in order to be able to keep key people.


While it is important to adapt the changes that have happened, it is also just as important to recognize those changes for what they are and not penalize the company or position for your past experience.  With this in mind it will be much easier for you to make the adjustments necessary for your own success.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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