Al Jarreau Still Doing What He Loves…and Doing it So Well

For my birthday Manuel surprised me with tickets to this year’s Indy Jazz Fest specifically to see Al Jarreau.  A day of jazz, just me and Manuel, (and thousands of other people) beautiful weather – happy birthday to me!!!!

Al Jarreau is, wow, words really do fail me here.  He sounds as smooth, fun, snazzy, incredible mystical as ever.  When he was done amazing us we all sat down and there was a collective, “WOW” heard throughout the audience.

The comment I heard the most was, “Can you believe he is 70?”  and the follow-up, “I wish I look that good at 70!”  I know his secret – he loves what he does.  He shows, he shares it with you, he exudes it, he lives his love – his music.

How absolutely wonderful to be able to do what you love to do for so long – but you know, we all have that option.  Why not pursue what you love, why not get the additional training, experience or courage to follow what you heart desires?  Not enough money in it?  I bet you would not mind a scaled down life if you truly love what you do.

Mr. Jarreau is such an inspiration in so many ways.  Thank you for a wonderful evening of jazz, the honor of seeing you at your finest, and for the reminder that it really is about doing what you love.  Not only does it make you happy, it transcends to those around you.  And let me tell you, that was one happy audience Saturday night!

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