All I Wanted was a Cool Breeze at Night – and You Think You Just Want a Job….


If a healthy scale was a teeter-totter, I would never have my butt firmly planted on the ground leaving someone else stranded in the air.  I am not a heavy weight, full force all natural kinda girl.


I’m more like a little over average with my feet dangling just above the ground but not quite reaching it.


I am ok with that.  Apparently, my dogs are not.


I have decided that one of my dogs’ primary purposes is to keep me in shape.  I am not talking about taking them on walks or throwing Frisbees in the park.  They are much more crafty than that, or cruel, it depends on how you choose to look at it.


Luke’s latest plan involved a wall.


More specifically: destroying a wall by removing a significant piece of it and damaging the wall switches that control the ceiling fan to my master bedroom.  I love ceiling fans.  Due to his latest plan, the one in my bedroom no longer worked.  I decided not only would I replace the switch, I would change out the ceiling fan for one of the other ones that I like better that is in the spare bedroom. 


I just wanted a cool breeze at night while I slept.


I am the daughter of a mechanic and a granddaughter of an electrician.  I figured some of those genes would come through in times like this. 


I figured wrong.


Here is a recap of the highlights of my day yesterday.  First, I shut off all electricity.  Good deal, only downside is I was working on the second floor of my home, you know, where all the heat goes and collects to make you sweat by just standing there? 


Next, up and down the ladder I went in both rooms to disassemble the ceiling fans.  One piece at a time.  Dropping screws and running down the ladder to pick them up before one of the dogs investigated to see if it was something worth eating.  There are a lot of screws in ceiling fans.


Running to the hardware store to get switches.  In the course of my day I was able to damage two others (don’t ask) so I had to replace them too.  There was a lot of “please do not let me see anyone I know” during the drive to the hardware store.


Now you would think you would simply rewire the darn switches the same way they were before you took them out.  You would think, and you can do; but it doesn’t mean it will work the same. 


I discovered a fun little twist: I could have the light fixture work on my ceiling fan and the fan part itself, if I was ok with none of the outlets working.  Or I could have the light work and the outlets but no fan.  Neither one of these is really an option for me. 


Call me crazy, but I want the fan switch to only operate the fan, the light switch to only operate the light and all the little outlets to live merrily on their own without interference.  Resetting my alarm clock every day is not an option either.


Here is where the fun really began.  Here was the exercise routine:


  • Wiring identical wires (really, why aren’t they color coordinated?  Oh no, we had to have only red wires and black wires.  Really???)
  • Going down the stairs stepping over and around dogs to the garage, flipping the breaker back on
  • Coming in from the garage being bombarded by three dogs who must have thought I was never coming back in, back up the stairs avoiding dogs that can run circles on stairs to see the results, uttering certain words of dissatisfaction
  • Going back down the stairs, telling the dogs is it not a race to get down the stairs, to the garage, flipping off the breaker
  • Coming back in the garage bombarded and tripped by dogs relieved of their certain doom of being left alone forever
  • Going back up the stairs dodging dogs with moves Walter Peyton would be proud of to avoid dogs to start the process over again


That is a lot of stairs, and a lot of dissatisfied words. My apologies to my father and grandfather.


After some lap in the 20s I realized I was not out of breath or feeling fatigued at all.  My dogs have really whipped me in shape! 


I just wanted a fan in my room.  I just wanted a cool breeze at night while I slept.


What I should have said starting out this whole ordeal is I want to be able to easily replace the ceiling fan and switch and have everything work properly the first time and every time to create a lovely cool breeze in my room.


Many times I will hear people tell me, “I just want a job.”


Not so much. 


You do not want just any job and in just wanting “a job” there is more to it than that.  You need to identify what you are willing to do, put the effort in to looking for open positions, prepare the information to provide to prospective employers demonstrating your qualifications, prepare and rehearse answering questions designed to vet you as a candidate and be ready to assume full ownership and responsibility of the job.


I just want a job.  It sounds simple and easy, but it is not.  There is a lot of work involved, a lot of preparation and a lot of dissatisfaction or rejection.  Not only to you have to prepare for the job, you have to prepare for the setbacks and disappointments.


They are opportunities to fine tune your presentation, clarify your objectives and strengthen your resolve.


In the end you will succeed and by enduring, surviving or succeeding at the process you will have gain valuable experience, skills and wisdom.  And if you are lucky, you might just be able to turn a ceiling fan on and off without turning off your alarm clock across the room.


Lisa K McDonald, CPRW

Brand Strategist  & Career Coach

Certified Professional Resume Writer

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