And Now…We Wait….

WorryPatience: I know the concept, I understand the implications yet I have yet to master the practice.


That is just a really nice way of saying I am the most impatient person ever.  My brother got me a shirt when I was in high school that was a picture of Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes with him yelling out “I want it all and I want it NOW!”  Whatever.


So I am very familiar with the importance of patience, I just suck at the application.  I’m trying, I really am, I know this is my biggest hurdle and I just keep plugging away.


So when I am coaching my clients during job searching I can completely empathize with the horrible send in the resume and wait or interview and wait process.  It sucks.  Let’s just call it like it is.


Yet it is necessary.


There are decisions to be made, conversations to have, evaluations to perform and you cannot rush the process.  It takes time.


Sitting around thinking about it all the time will do nothing but make you crazy.  Or come up with crazy ideas.  It is impatience that leads us to take a simple waiting period and turn it into the most frantic, worst case scenarios that are so far fetched that if we said them out loud people would look at you like you had three heads.


Impatience is fueled by inactivity, being active serves as a deterrent.  It keeps your mind busy so you do not dwell on the “what ifs”.


After the interview send a thank you letter recapping a positive or two about the interview.  From there you can follow up on a consistent, yet not stalking, time frame.


Ask the interviewer in follow up communication if there is anything else they need from you.  This presents you as interested yet not fully focused on you.


Continue to research and go after other positions.  You may have had the most fantastic interview of your life but that is not a guarantee that you will get the job.  The bosses niece may get it, you never know.  So don’t think anything is a sure fire thing.  Continue to be open and active.


Congratulate yourself rather than overanalyze.  Trust me – I am all too familiar with overanalyzing.  There may have been a place or two that you feel you may have not performed at your best and it is ok to look at those, think about how you can improve then let go.


When it has been a while since you heard anything and you start having those negative thoughts pop in your head immediately give yourself a mental head slap and stop.  Look at the positives.  It was a great opportunity, you did well in the interview –you showed up and did your best, yay you!


You put yourself out there and that took courage.  This may develop into something wonderful, a lesson or nothing at all; but you did your part now it is up to them.


The bottom line is you cannot control everything.  You should be able to, you want to but that just isn’t how it works.  I know, I really hate it, too.  Take ownership of your actions and let go of trying to own others.


Instead of focusing on how nothing is happening with one opportunity try to find other opportunities to explore.  What you may be hoping for may not be what is best for you and you can’t find the right fit if you only focused on one possibility.


You owe it to yourself to explore as many challenges, opportunities and options available so you have the choice to choose rather than wait to be selected.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.




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