And What Exactly Is The Perfect Moment?

Wanting something but holding off on going after it because you are waiting for the perfect moment is almost always a pretty stupid thing to do.


While you are waiting around gathering courage someone else is probably swooping in and grabbing that opportunity.


I think life is an amazing teacher.  I have also concluded, based on personal experience, that if I do not get my lessons the first couple times then they come back harder and harder; kind of like starting off as a tap on the shoulder and ending up as a 2×4 upside the head.


I try to listen now.


Having someone else take your opportunity is bad enough.  You would think that would be enough of a lesson, but no.  Some people need more.  Please, I beg of you learn the lesson now.


I had a friend that really wanted to get out of their current position.  They pretty much hated their job, the company, their coworkers –you name it they had disdain for it.  But they kept waiting and waiting giving the excuse that it just wasn’t the right time.


The first opportunity they missed they shrugged it off.  The second came about and they were ready to go for it but then they found out the job had been filled quickly.  Just missed it.


I think that is when life stepped in and said, “Look, if you are not going to go after what I lay before you then I guess you really like misery, let me help.”


His wife lost her job.  He HAD to stay.  Before this he had the option to go and find something better, now he could not afford to do so.


There is no perfect job, no perfect opportunity, no perfect man and no perfect woman.  Perfect is an ideal that we create in our own minds.  Life may be perfect right where you are or where you were but you are being too ignorant to open your eyes.


Stop coming from a place of need and come from a place of want.  Don’t base your decisions because you feel like you need this or that.  Go forth based on what you want.  What will make you happy, bring you joy and value and give you the opportunity to give back.


I have another friend who has been working in a factory for 20 years.  He did not go to college or get trade training and at 50 he is very grateful to have a good job.  Instead of moaning about opportunities missed he comes from a place of gratitude.


He told me the work is hard, the conditions are sometimes deplorable, but the job is solid and he has been able to provide for his family and that is what is most important to him.  He takes pride in his job and is widely recognized for his great attitude and commitment.  He is a man of his word and a solid employee.  This is the value that he offers and is happier than many of the so called white collar executives that I meet.  I have never seen him apologize for the work he does or the position he holds because he knows he brings value everyday and it provides for what is most important to him.


I was so fortunate to have a sage boss when I was in my early 20s.  He was an attorney and when I started working for him he was 63.  He gave me so many life lessons and great pieces of advice that I can never repay my gratitude.


One day I was working on a project and very afraid that I would mess it up so I was being very hesitant about it.  He came out of his office and stood in front of my desk and gently inquired as to what seemed to be the problem.


I told him I wanted to make sure that I did this right and I didn’t want him to look bad or mess it up.  He told me to “make stupid mistakes sooner.”  I told him that sounded all well and good but the more I looked at this the more overwhelmed I became, almost afraid to make a move.


That is when he landed the second in a one-two punch of good advice.  He told me to give it a kiss.  Now, had this been any other man I would have had a much different mindset about that statement.  But I just looked at him and said, “a kiss?”


He smiled slyly and said, “Yes: Keep It Simple Stupid” then he walked away.


Stop waiting for everything to line up “just right” because that may never happen and in the meantime the opportunity may disappear or worse your life situation may take a major change.


If you want it, go for it.  You may learn that you are not ready for this opportunity but it may teach you what you need to adapt to be ready for the next one.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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