And Yet The Rules Do Apply To You….

finger pointingI was heading back to the office today and had the privilege of following a special driver.


They must be related to the couple at Walgreens yesterday.


I say special because apparently they thought the rules did not apply to them.


The driver drove straight through the left turn only lane and the couple in Walgreens parked their big ol SUV right smack in front of the doors while there were plenty of open parking 10 feet away.


Oh, and they were shopping.  She literally had a little push cart around the store. I asked one of my favorite clerks if she had an extra uniform shirt so I could go knock on the window and let them know it was not a parking space.


I also find that sometimes a select few job seekers seem to fit in the “rules don’t apply to me” category.


And it is not just my observation.


I had an awesome meeting yesterday with a potential collaborator.  It was one of those meetings that you are both on the same page, have similar goals and, as a bonus, think the same things are funny.  You know those meetings when you both just click and in your head you are thinking, “cool – you’re as positively twisted as I am – yay!”


Anyway, we both work with job seekers and in his role he works with a defined group.  He too finds that occasionally he will run into one that has the attitude, “I showed up now it is your job to get me a job”


Another “exception to the rule” is the attitude of “well, the employer should understand or make an exception for me”.  Why?  Just because?


Sorry cupcake, life doesn’t work that way.


Exceptions can, and are made, but not because you are so gosh darn special and that wonderful smirky attitude just won them over.


Exceptions are made when you fight for them, prove yourself and demonstrate you care more about the opportunity rather than yourself.


Rules, regulations, processes and procedures are put in place for a reason.  Despite what you think, it is not just to make life more uncomfortable for you.


It’s not all about you.


I know of a company that uses an application as a screening process.  Not what is written in the application but the physical application itself.


Here’s what they do: for each position they request that a resume be submitted.  If called for an interview the candidate is asked to come into the office.  Upon arrival they are handed an application by the receptionist.


If the candidate in any way, shape or form asks the receptionist if they really have to fill it out, can’t they just attached their resume, they are no longer a candidate for the job.


In that one little moment they have proven that there are one or all of the following: lazy, think rules do not apply to them, unable to follow rules, not committed to earning the position, or uninterested in obtaining the job.


Like the receptionist is going to reply, “Oh I’m so glad you asked because even though every other candidate has to fill this out since you asked you do not have to because you are special.”


Life doesn’t work that way, cupcake.


It is your job to prove to the prospective employer what value you bring to the job, you deserve the job, you can do more than just show up and that you want the job.


It is not their job to assume or know this.  They might give you a few minutes of their time you better make the most of it and not waste that opportunity by thinking that the rules do not apply to you.


Let’s remember you are trying to get a job.


Job, noun, a piece of work, especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one’s occupation or for an agreed price.


You are getting paid to do work.


It’s not a something for nothing type gig which means, yes, the rules do apply to you, too.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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