Are You Professionally Mechanically Inclined Enough To Fix Their Problems?

I’m a limited care kinda girl.  When my son was younger we played the “slug bug” game; but we couldn’t add many other types because I would get them wrong.  So either I was slugging away for no reason or getting pummeled because I couldn’t recognize the right kind of cars.  So we stuck to slug bugs.


My dad was a diesel mechanic; he was the most mechanically inclined person I have ever known.  If it were broke, he could fix it.  I don’t care what it was; anything inside or outside that house he could fix it.  When I was married my husband was also very mechanically inclined.  He could build or fix anything inside or outside the house.  Very rarely have I ever in my lifetime hired a handyman or mechanic. 


The great thing about these two men, besides being able to fix anything, is they also taught me.  I learned about power tools from my dad and my ex-husband has helped me learn a bit about carpentry.  I love it.  I deeply respect their skills and knowledge and the fact that they took the time to teach me was awesome in my eyes. 


So imagine my shock when I dated someone who didn’t know the difference between a Philips and Regular screwdriver!  Wait, what??  Isn’t that a guy thing?  It honestly never dawned on me that some men never learned about mechanical things or fixing things. 


It was quite an adjustment and although not a huge factor in the demise of our relationship, I will admit that I have a whole new appreciation for my dad and former husband.  I break things.  I break cars, plumbing, flooring, walls – you name it I can break it.  Luckily I have learned enough to know when it is something I can figure out and when to call in reinforcement. 


I have come to realize that this is a quality that I appreciate in a man.  Right or wrong, it is something that I prefer he poses.  Judge me, whatever.  I think there is a thing about a man wanting a woman to cook so we just are not going to go down that road.


The point is, companies are a lot like this.  There are certain qualities that they look for in candidates.  You may not always know based on the job title all of these qualities.  However, if you can do a little digging you can start to get an idea of what these qualities might be.


Get to know the company.  Check out their webpage – beyond the home page.  Get a feel for the mentality of the company.  It is not just what they say, but how they say it.  Listen closely to the written language. 


Research people that work there.  Check them out on LinkedIn.  What do their profiles sound like?  Do they like their jobs, what are they bringing to the organization, what does the leadership sound like?  This gives you more clues about the environment.


Is it a progressive environment embracing and encouraging forward thinkers and those that think outside of the box?  Or are they a conservative organization who is very methodical in their approach and execution of all things?


If someone were to talk to me for more than a day they will quickly learn that I break things.  You won’t figure that out by just doing an initial meet and greet – i.e. reading the home page of a company’s website.  Take time to invest in investigating the company if you are truly interested in working there.


By doing so you will discover an opportunity to bring out those qualities you bring to the table that are in alignment with that organization.  They have broken things – be prepared to demonstrate that you are professionally mechanically inclined to fix them.


Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach & Brand Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

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