Are You Really Ready For It? Really?

open armsOften when working with clients I hear the phrases, “I am ready for this position”, “I am ready for a change” or “I want this.”


It sounds wonderful and definitive – but are you really ready?


When first challenged most people will respond with an immediate yes.  Of course you are ready, you have wanted this, dreamed of it and worked for it – why wouldn’t you be ready?


Here is how you really know – if it happened today would you dive right in?


If that perfect job, person or opportunity presented itself all wrapped up in a pretty little bow on your front doorstep would you throw the door open, rip open the package and dive right in?


Or would you stop and say, well, when I get this done, or when I accomplish this other thing or that the timing isn’t quite just right then I will take it.


If your answer is anywhere near the above then you are not ready.


This isn’t a bad thing.  And we have all been there.  Wanted that promotion or new job so much then when it happens we find ourselves saying, “CRAP! WAIT! I wasn’t ready – it is too much!”


Sometimes those jobs don’t come through at this moment because you aren’t quite ready.  There is some nagging issue you need to face and conquer before you can accept this wonderful new step completely.  Take the delay or disappointment as a positive.


It didn’t happen for a reason – and for goodness sakes don’t take it personally.  They didn’t hire you right now because they didn’t like you; it was a business decision.


Years ago I applied for a job and went through a very long, involved process where it came down to me and another person who was referred by a current employee.  They got the job.  I was devastated and hurt.


About a month later I realized I wasn’t ready to leave where I was, I had to take care of a few things first.  But after that month I was in the right place so I called them back just to let them know I would like to be kept in mind for any future opportunities.


The first thing I was told was, “Thank goodness you called, it isn’t working out with the other person.  When can you come in?”  I started that job shortly after that.


That job was great and it lead to other opportunities within the firm, then outside the firm and it was the beginning of a disjointed journey that lead me to where I am today.


But I had to be really ready; ready to accept it without reservation or excuses.


If you cannot accept what it is that your heart desires without reservations at this very moment then take a step back and get your house in order.  Figure out what is holding you back, address it, conquer it and then you will find the right opportunity is out there waiting on you.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.




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