At Least You Didn’t Blurt Out “Hell” In Church

foot in mouthI did.


My mother is going to be so proud – and she reads my blog, so – sorry Mom!


This morning I gave a presentation to a employment group who meets at a church.  At one point during the presentation I was talking about if something is not supporting your value statement then why the hell is it on your resume.




I immediately apologized and even announced to the group that my mom was going to be so proud, way to represent the family.


We all say the wrong things sometimes.  Maybe during an interview, maybe during networking and maybe in front of a group in the middle of a church.  It happens.


The most important point is not what you said but how you handled it.  It became a point to tease me about throughout the presentation so I know that it was handled well and the audience did not take it as a negative.


When you find yourself saying the wrong thing in an interview or networking or go down some off the beaten road path it is important to immediately stop.






Get back on track.


If you stammer and try to make your way back on that road you created you will make your audience feel uncomfortable.  People remember how you make them feel.  If they see you as the babbling idiot that made them feel sorry for you it is not normally a transition to employment.


If you can make light of it, get back on track and help them regain their power during the conversation they will remember you for the value you bring, the way you can handle situations and maintain your composure.


We all mess up and put our foot in our mouth.  Recognize it and immediately correct it in a manner that you not only control the situation but absorb the brunt of it.  I don’t know who said it but it rings true: “If you put both your feet in your mouth, you won’t have a leg to stand on.”



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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