Building New Habits Is Hard, Let’s Do This Small One Together

I’m a creative, a communicator, a storyteller. If you map out anything I do, the path is all winding and it’s drawn with every color of the rainbow. I live with a retired Chief (U.S. Navy) who went in with a very Type A personality. His map is a straight line in black and white. […]

Storytelling Makes All The Difference In Job Searching From “So What” To “Tell Me More”

I love a good story. What really enhances it is a good storyteller. Someone who can captivate you with their words, take you along for the journey, and make you feel that you are right there in the thick of it. Not everyone is a good storyteller. I’ve found there to be two distinct groups […]

Yoda-ify Your Resume

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~ Yoda I’m not a Star Wars person, I actually heard this quote on Criminal Minds. Yet it is very applicable to your resume. Applying this rule is a simple two step process that will take you from a trier to a doer in your resume. Step […]

The 3-Letter Word That Immediately Begins To Defrost The Learning-Something-New Brain Freeze

I love learning stuff. Fun stuff. Interesting stuff. Cool stuff. Exciting stuff. Not always useful but who-knew stuff. I’m not a fan of learning boring stuff. I was always told by others of authority that I didn’t apply myself, or it was too hard for me to learn, or I wasn’t good at “that” (whatever […]

Company’s Using ‘Matrix” to Fail Their Employees

It is very natural, when you’re ready for a change in your career, to have a posting catch your eye and think, “That’s it!” A sound company, decent job description, implying fair pay – let’s go. But wait, if you step back from that initial excitement and re-read that posting, you might find: A lot […]

Don’t Remove Yourself From The Interview Process

Getting that email or call that a prospective employer wants to talk to you is invigorating.  Let’s face it, it feels good. We’ve been selected, chosen, seen as special among a sea of candidates. Rightfully deserved fist pump here. It’s great and yes, you are awesome! Now, let’s not forget that. Somehow, after that initial call, […]

The Super-Secret Answer You’re Looking For To Do That Thing You’ve Been Unable To Do

Do you know that you can talk yourself into anything? You are the biggest influencer of any of your decisions. Groundbreaking, I know. From the mundane, like for me: why did I think a horizontal stripe top and cropped pants were a good look on me? I have a freakish combo of short torso and […]

Stop Decapitating Family or Making People Look Up Your Nose (Profile Pictures)

I don’t know about you, but I hate getting my picture taken. It is sheer agony trying to decide which one I detest the least for my profile picture. I don’t like any picture of myself. Yeah, I’m that person that can find something wrong with every single one. Seriously. It’s a nightmare. What I […]