But I Know What Will Happen – Really?

“But I know what is going to happen!”  My son said this to me today in a very exasperated voice and tone.  In one of those tones that make you think running fingernails on a chalkboard is similar to the gentle playing of a harp.  Maybe my little fortune-teller can pick the lotto numbers for me!

I’m not picking on my son… ok, I am but he really deserved it – I hate that look and voice.  And I am so looking forward to the day that he says, “Wow, I was an ass, you were so right..about everything.”  Yeah, ok, that day is not going to come, but maybe one or two of those things….

I hear this from people at networking events, clients, colleagues, friends…the point it I hear it a lot.  It amazes me how many people know what the future holds!  Why are they not playing the lottery??

Because this sentiment is normally associated with the negative.  Think about it, you never hear people say this with a positive outcome, it is always negative.

“I would send in my resume, but I know they would think I am over/under qualified”

“I would talk to my boss about that promotion but I know they want someone with a degree”

“I would ask that girl out but I know she would probably say no”

I tell you what, you pick the winning lottery numbers then you can tell me what you know because then you can prove to me you know the thoughts and actions that other will take. 

Sounds silly?  Well so is deciding not to do something because you “know” a negative result will happen.  How about this: admit that you are afraid a negative might happen then (here’s the biggie) do it anyway!

If you are so convinced the negative will happen what would the harm be in sending in that resume, talking to your boss or asking that girl out?  Here’s another biggie: you are still breathing when you did it!  Life did not end.  The negative result still may happen but guess what, you now know for sure and you were pretty darn cool in my eyes for going for it any way.  That takes guts.

So next time you find yourself saying you know what will happen think about if you are predicting something negative, reflect on the last time you won in a lottery then just go do it.  Please.  We need more cool, gutsy people!

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Polish, Inc.


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