Tools in Your Toolbox

My dad was a diesel mechanic, when he died he was head of the shop for CCX, a damn good mechanic. He could fix anything. I grew up around tools, the smell of oil, grease, tools, knowing the importance of keeping them clean, putting them away properly and taking care of them. I learned the …

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Holidays – An Excuse to Eat Lots of Chocolate and NOT Job Search? Are You Kidding Me?

Eat the chocolate and keep networking!!! I love chocolate. Really, really love it, the darker the better! Apparently I love it so much that my son caught on – it was his second word (Cho-ket) right after “Dada” – only because his dad was determined that would be his first word. Not me, I did …

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It is All in Your Attitude!

Henry Ford, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” So simple but so true.

Time Management

Two words that can either express a great talent or two words that put you in fear of facing that you are less than diligent. Time management is a tricky thing. I remember when I was entering into the financial arena and had to get my stockbrokers exam, supervisory and a few more all while …

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The Art of Listening – Part Two

I live with teenagers, this means that I am used to being ignored, have eyes rolled at me and generally repeating myself. (I only repeat myself once and add the “Mom” look so they know they are not listening and I am not happy.) This comes with the territory with two teenage boys. But I …

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The Art of Listening – Part One

I really do think listening is an art, a skill, a forgotten practice in today’s world. One of my favorite lines is courtesy of Sawyer Brown in the song Small Talk: “You got two ears boy and just one tongue • He said the reason why were made that way • We got more to …

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They Are Watching You….

Midterms came out not too long ago. A few days ago the Head Varsity Baseball Coach emailed me about my son’s grades. (This coach is great, he really keeps tabs on his boys and helps ensure that they are a positive reflection of the team, the school and the community.) When I told Jake about …

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Luck and Choices

“I’m lucky to be alive.” That was told to me by my ex-husband the other day. Let me explain a few things about my ex-husband– first, we are friends. Honest to goodness friends. We have a son together and we are both actively raising him – together. We communicate daily; we listen to each other’s …

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But What Do You DO??

Have you ever met someone and in polite conversation ask them, “so, what do you do?” and their answer leaves you completely dumbfounded?  Either they are really cute about describing themselves using very creative metaphors or use so much technical jargon that you stifle a yawn and begin to wonder if there is a bar …

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