Change: Action Conquers Fear & Movement Means Growth

We all have issues and challenges. Some are huge and seemingly insurmountable and yet we find the will and the way to get through them. Some are minor but they end up doing the most damage. We tend to look at these smaller challenges with a bit of cockiness and think, “This isn’t life threatening, I’ll deal with it’ without making a plan. Big mistake, no let me rephrase: big, big, big mistake!

Have you ever seen the movie, “The Replacements”? Great movie, in one scene they are talking about fear and Keanu Reeves character talks about quicksand. Everything seems to be going well then one thing goes wrong, and then another, then another and pretty soon you can’t fix it, you can’t breathe – you realize you are in over your head like sinking in quicksand.

With minor setbacks we tend to sink faster than any other time because we think we can just adjust on the fly. “This is no big deal” you say and think and go about your normal routine.

But then you forget a task or to respond to an email. It may have been something small, but something that normally would not happen. Then there are phone calls that you forget to return or make. Then you forget a longstanding appointment or a weekly occurrence or you miss it just to get some time to yourself and “catch up”. But these things start to happen more frequently and before you know it time has flown by and you are in way over your head in terms of being behind in what you need to do or normally do.

Life is about change and growth so give yourself every opportunity to embrace it whenever it happens. As I told my son, it is normally not the big events that change your life and define you but the smaller ones that make a life long impact. Respect the challenge or issue and give it credence in order to embrace the change that it calls for in your routine or in you personally.

Accept it, review the implications, weigh your options and then act. Action conquers fear and movement means growth.

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