Goals, Confidence, Transformation

When we’re stuck, it can manifest in many ways, three of the most common are: struggling to achieve a desired goal, a lack of confidence, or feeling ungrounded or lost.

If you are one of these crossroads, I can help.

Goal Setting

Learn why you’ve unknowingly been sabotaging your own goals, how to set goals that mean something to you and you want, and easy to implement strategies that will work for you to actually achieve them.


Confidence – real, lasting confidence – isn’t repeating a mantra or just making yourself feel better in the moment. It comes from recognizing triggers, blocks, or untrue beliefs; adopting a growth mindset; then developing and employing strategies that build on this newfound skill -developing it into a personal strength and superpower.


Have you ever felt that there is more? More in you, more you want to do, more you want to be – but you don’t know how to access that or make it happen? Learn how to identify and resolve the self-limiting beliefs and self-talk that’s held you back and become the hero of your own journey complete with incremental steps within a personalized action plan for when you’re ready to be, do, and have the more that was created in you and for you.

Lisa will change your life. She became my trusted advisor and championed my journey.
She taught me to see my value, tell my story, and gain confidence, skills, and mindset to pursue the right opportunity…”

— Evan, CIO

“Lisa helped me redefine my general unhappiness to actionable goals.
I recommend Lisa to anyone wanting to make a change but not sure how to go about it or even what you want that change to be.

— Pam, OCM Manager