Cocky Vs. Confident – An Interviewing Tip

apples and orangesYou are the best man for the job, you know it, they know it, we all know it – it is just a fact.


Yay you, now let’s make sure you actually get that job and don’t let the before mentioned statement ruin it for you.


How?  Be confident, not cocky.


Cocky is assuming broadcasting this statement; confident is performing this statement.


Cocky is being dismissive and arrogant, assuming that you need not put any work into the process.


Confident is being engaging and ensuring that you take the necessary steps to continue to position yourself in the position.


Cocky is responding to “do you have any questions” with “no, I know I can do this job.”


Confident is responding, “yes, I know I help the organization realize the goals that we discussed, what is your first priority that I can tackle?”


Cocky is thinking they are going to chase you down for the job and not following up because they were into you that much.


Confident is engaging in two-way communication – first.


Man or woman I think it is a pretty safe assumption to say across the board a confident person is attractive a cocky person is repulsive.


You may have garnered their attention and they are considering offering you that job and beginning a relationship; however, if you pull the cocky card and behave as though you are doing them a favor or they have to put in all the work you are going to be dropped like a hot potato.


No one wants to hire or be with someone who believes they are a gift.  People do want to engage with confident people who not only lead but contribute because it makes all around them better.


Cocky is an individual viewpoint; confidence is a shared vision.


No job is every “in the bag” without any effort on your part.  You may be the best candidate but you still have to prove yourself, that you are worthy of the risk they are taking on you.  If the job is worth it check the cocky at the door and take action in a confident manner showing you bring value, not just look pretty behind the desk.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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