Creating the Right Combination

It is a beautiful day here in the heartland, the sun is out, it is over 70 degrees but feels much warmer and not a cloud in the sky. It almost feels like a cool Summer day – and then the breeze blows. A cool Fall breeze blows and carries some early fallen leaves as a gentle reminder that it is indeed Fall. Today is a perfect combination of Summer and Fall.

These two seasons are very different; however, when nature combines the best of both of them it becomes a picture perfect day. The same needs to be done with your skills when they are presented on your resume, networking or interviews.

Often times I have clients or workshop participants tell me that one difficulty they have is conveying two seemingly opposites when they communicate with others. For example being very detail oriented and analytical combined with being very creative and able to see the big picture.

Just remember, the traits, abilities and value that we bring are not all or nothing. It is a combination of these things that make us that much more valuable. The key is to identify how you use those traits in combination and convey that to your audience. In order to do that you need to step back and analyze a time or project when you utilized each of these traits in combination.

What was the situation? First write down the project or situation that surrounds the event and the event itself.

Second, what skills did you use? Write down every skill that you used whether they be soft skills or technical skills.

Third, how did you utilize these skills? How exactly were you analytical? Not only that but why did you use that skill to benefit you in this situation?

Lastly, write out the positive outcome for this situation or event.

Now you will have a much more complete story giving rich details that you can incorporate into your resume, interview and networking. These steps follow the STAR method for behavioral interviews that is why I love to use them in creating information for your resume because it is covering three bases with one hit.

A well crafted demonstrated combination is a very powerful tool. It demonstrates value rather than stating value. Proof is in the pudding and the devil is in the details – so go sit out in this beautiful weather and start writing!

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