Don’t Overlook The Little Things.

Sicky dog Luke
My youngest dog, Luke, has been sick all weekend. It started with what I call the popcorn cough. You know when you eat popcorn and you get a small piece of shell stuck in the back of your throat and try to cough it out – that is what he sounded like all weekend.

Prior to calling the Vet’s I was talking to my best friend who suggested kennel cough and asked if I got my dogs shots for that, which I don’t because they are all contained in our fenced-in yard and I never kennel my dogs. She asked about my step-doggie, Bud, and yes, he gets this shot. Oh, step-doggie: it is my ex-husband’s dog but thinks I own it too so he’s my step-doggie. Anyway, Bud lives in a community where there are lots of dogs, and geese. I think geese are nasty creatures who carry every conceivable disease possible – why else would they have green poop? Any way – back to my point, and I do have one….

But, I’m not there yet….I never thought to get my dogs kennel cough shot because, like I said, they are self-contained, why would they need it? Because I have “sucker” on my forehead. A couple of weeks ago we puppy sat another dog for the weekend. Guess who was the only dog that played with him – Luke. So I am assuming this is where he got it. Given that I seem to take in every stray perhaps I should not overlook the obvious things like getting my dogs shots for things that may not seem possible. Because the probably-not-possible can happen. Tada – my point.

Just because you do not think something is likely does not mean you should not prepare for it, especially when you take actions that make it more likely. I brought another dog in the house – it led to the kennel cough. If you are job searching and have submitted your resume to a company, be prepared in case they call.

Oftentimes I hear people who will say they know they will not get a call yet still send in their resume. If you are so sure you won’t get the call why send it in? And if you do send it in you better be prepared for the call because you would hate to ruin it from one bad phone call. I have even heard people say something like, “Oh, wow, I didn’t think you would call!” Guess what, if you don’t think you should get the job why would I want to hire you? While you ponder that one I’m going to go give my dog a cough suppressant.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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