Don’t Apologize – Celebrate

cubicleUniformity, conformity, homogeny, standardization – these are all great for assembly line products; not people.

We are all unique in our own little ways in all areas of our life from home to work.  So often in job searching people feel like they need to be a carbon copy to get their foot in the door.  They get to the point of almost apologizing for how they do what they do so they can be seen as everyone else.

Knock it off.

First, don’t apologize for anything.

Second, it is the point of how you do things differently that allows you to bring value to the situation.

Think about it, more than one person can do the job, but it is how they do it that makes a difference.

If everyone did it the same way there would no room for improvement, no challenge to the status quo, no advancement, no changes and it would get old and outdated quickly.

Instead of apologizing for your uniqueness or quirks, start celebrating them.

I ask a lot of questions, I always have.  It is how I learn, understand and be able to apply the right tools.  I used to apologize for this, instead I celebrate it and I prep them instead.

I let the other person know to help the most I ask a lot of questions but there is a method to my madness.  After we get through the series I then explain what I heard and my thoughts.  They are normally appreciative because above all I listened.

Not too long ago I was at a networking event with a friend.  Before he introduced me to his co-worker he told me that he needed some work on his network opening.

When he did introduce me he told his friend that I was the girl he was talking about that could really help with his networking.  His friend’s reply, “give it your best shot.”

Ha.  Seriously, don’t challenge me.

So he gave his pitch and I started asking, in rapid fire.  At one point he looked at my friend and he told him, “Just go with it, there are a lot of questions but she knows what she is doing.”

I didn’t apologize and my quirk is recognized for what it is – a useful tool.

At the end of it all we revamped it in less than five minutes and he was very happy with it.

Recognize not only your quirk but how it can help others.  That is how you can celebrate and demonstrate to future employers your true value.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

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