Don’t Burn All the Scent At One Time

candlesI love scents – candles, essential oil burners, wax cube burners – you name it I’ve got them all around my house.  I also live with four dogs so my love of scent has taken on a whole new level.


I was very excited last week to bring home two new scented wax cube sets in “fall” scents – spice rack and glittering bayberry garland.


On the first day I popped three cubes each into the burner in kitchen and one in the family room.  Heaven.  My whole downstairs smelled like warm spiced tea simmering.  Every time I came downstairs I was immediately engulfed in this welcoming scent and it made me smile.


Until this weekend.


The scent was gone.


Wait – I just put them in a week ago!  You can’t leave me that early!  I want the warm fuzzies when I walk downstairs!


That is when I realized my mistake:  I used all six cubes at one time.  It gave an immediate and powerful burst at first but fizzled out pretty quickly.  Darn it.


So in my office and bedroom I have put in one scent cube into the burner – a slow process of introducing the scent and then in about a week when the scent starts to fade I will add another.  This will at least triple the scent time making it a much longer, steady happy experience.


Too often I see a similar behavior when people are job searching.  They go all out in full force that first week or so blasting everyone they only to fade away quickly.  It rarely leads to the results they want.  And then they are left wondering why.


Because you used all your scent to quickly all at once.  Slow down and learn from my wax burners:


Decide on your scent – what is it you want, how do you want to project it and create a strategy focused on your brand (the value you have to offer a company or position).


Establish yourself – take the time to make inroads in networking and reaching out to those you know.  Don’t bombard them basically saying, “HEY! I’m here, I’m ready to be hired!  NOTICE ME NOW!”  Instead reintroduce yourself based on where you want to go, have conversations not one way communications.


Consistency is key – Strategy is another word for consistency here.  Identify your targets, establish connections and continue to follow up and have two way communications.  It is not a matter of what everyone can do for you, find out what you can do for them.


I have a friend, Robby Slaughter, who makes me smile every time I see him.  Don’t get me wrong, Robby is all about business and really good at what he does.  But the thing that makes him special and makes me smile every time is the one phrase he says to everyone, “How can I help you?”


It is a genuine offer and those on the other end of that know he really is asking to find out, not just saying it to look good.  Because another thing Robby does, he follows up.  If you tell him you would like to meet people in X industry he will file that in his mental file and low and behold you will probably be getting an email with an introduction soon.


Keep adding the cube at the right time – when you feel like things are slowing down it is time to put another scented cube in the burner and revamp it.  Reach back out, take a look back to see what gave you traction and what did not – follow along the traction aspects in a new way.  Don’t give up, be positive and infuse yourself and your network with a fresh perspective.


Blend a little – it is okay to add a different cube to the mix when you feel the old scent is getting boring.  Right now I love the spice smell, but in a month I wont notice it because I will have become used to it, so I pop in another scent to mix it up a bit.  Go to a networking event you haven’t been to before, reach out to someone new, offer to help an organization or person you don’t know.  Find a new way to add value in combination with your plan of action.


Take time to relax – It is great to get the warm fuzzies from the scents, but you can’t enjoy them if you don’t stop to actually smell them.  Take time for yourself to rejuvenate and appreciate what you have accomplished and where you are and what you have at this very moment.  You may not have that dream job – but you do have some great new connections, a great support system, the ability to wake up and smell the scent that day.



I know it is very easy to want to try to go full blast in the beginning, but doing so may result in your burning up all your scent before you make any headway.  Take your time to pick just the right scent, be flexible in adding it to the burner and allow yourself to enjoy it along the way and you will find that warm and fuzzie place.



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.


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