Don’t Change Your Routine if it is Working for You.

My dogs are not well trained, I don’t even know if you could say they are trained at all really. I think it is more like they have trained me. But we do have some routines. Some of the routines are to help train the puppy; he is still learning to master certain things like not everything in this house is a chew toy – including the little dog and my hand.

Every morning I let the three outside to do their business. To encourage the puppy to use the great outdoors, they all get a treat after they do their thing. I’ve had the puppy for a while now so you would think that some things he would pick up on pretty easily – like every morning he has to go poop. Well, one would think so but then that One would be wrong.

Every morning the three go out and pee and every morning the puppy bounces back up to the door to claim his treat, and every morning I look at him and say, “go potty”, and every morning he bounds back out into the yard and poops. The dog forgets to poop if I don’t tell him to, seriously. The dog forgets to poop. And if, like this morning, I get distracted and do not watch him to make sure he does all his business, he leaves a present in the same exact spot – in the house.

The puppy and I both know this routine, and if followed correctly it works for us. One day he may remember to poop on his own, but for now, he doesn’t. So, when cleaning up his present this morning I reminded myself that I broke the routine and this is karma.

No matter what you are doing personally or professionally if you are trying to reach certain goals, be sure to stay true to the things that are actually giving you results. Stick with what works, you may need to tweak it now and then, but stay true to the proven.

In growing my business I find that when I get away from some of the basic things that have proven to be beneficial then I start to see a difference – and it is not one I like. I have to stop, do an honest evaluation, regroup and re-energize those tried and true.

It takes a couple extra minutes to have to actually tell your dog to go poop, but it is worth it so you are not cleaning up presents and having to mop the floor, again.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW
Career Polish, Inc.

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