Don’t Craft Your Resume Like an Online Singles Profile

Computer FlowersAbout me: Hard working, honest, trustworthy, simple person looking for someone who can have fun, go to a ballgame or dress up for dinner; no drama from past relationships or relationships that are not fully over; must be open, honest, trustworthy, genuine, love family, having fun and being affectionate. Blah, blah, blah….


Likes: Long walks on the beach, spontaneous outings, holding hands, great conversation


Looking for: Friendship with possible long-term if it is the right connection, let’s meet soon and see if the sparks fly!


I have a friend that joined an online dating service.  The above pretty much summarizes about 90% of what she has seen so far.


First of all – no one is buying any of this.

Second of all – it really says nothing.

Lastly – really?  This is the best you could come up with -the same as 9 out of 10 others?


And stop putting a picture that you took of yourself in the bathroom!


Your resume is not a personal ad, it is not about what you are looking for and will make you happy.  It is a sales statement to be focused on the employer answering the question what can you do for me.


Starting off your resume with a summary that is close to: “Looking for an opportunity with a progressive company to lend my talents and abilities to help them grow” is following the personal ad tactic.


No one is buying it

It really doesn’t say anything.

They don’t care what you want.


Look at it from the employer’s perspective: why would they want to read your resume and how are you going to generate enough interest to have them pick up the phone?


Focus on them.  What needs or challenges do they have and how can you solve them.  Explain how you have done this in the past to show a pattern of consistency.  Utilize demonstrative statements to tell not only what you did but how you did it, who you worked with and the results you achieved.


Revamping your resume away from the personal ad will take you from lonely single to happily employed!



Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW


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