Don’t Give Up

Just because it hasn’t been done before does not mean it cannot be done. This is the last thing I told my son before he went off to school today.

Long story short: there are some serious errors in calculating one of his grades and he told me that since the grades have been posted they can’t be changed.

I dont’ like the word can’t. I really, really don’t like that word. To me, it is a challenging word.

Is it going to be easy: no; has it been done before: I don’t know; do I care if the odds are against it: no. The fact is there is a wrong that needs to be addressed and corrected and I’m all about righting the wrongs.

I am sure there are hoops to jump through and my patience will be tested to no end, but I am determined to do everything in my power to help right a wrong. Not just because he is my son, but because it is the right thing to do. The kid has a complete grade book of over 90% A’s in everything he has done and the final result is completely different? Something does not add up here. And it is important to me to head into this battle to let him know sometimes people will slay dragons for you because they believe in you.

Sometimes I see my client’s adopt Jake’s thought process of it can’t be done and they damage their job search before it starts. Stop it! It can be done, maybe you need to take a different approach or it will take much more time and energy than you anticipated investing, but it can be done.

I’m not throwing out feel good pixie dust here, I have fought many a battles for which I was told it could not be done. For example, years ago a former colleague tried to ruin my reputation by submitting incorrect data that was posted as public information. It almost prevented me from maintaining employment in that industry. However, I fought – the right way and for the right intentions. I went to the head agency and asked for their guidance on how to clear the matter. I stayed on top of it and you better believe my name was cleared. Oh, as to the colleague, they are no longer with that company having been escorted out.

If you want to do something the do it. No whining in the world is going to get you a step closer to your goals. Listen to the “can’t do it” or “wont happens” and they will be right. Going after something for the right reasons and a determination that you will succeed is the key to getting to where you want to go.

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