Don’t Leave The Job Before The Work Is Done

You have reached your limit, you are done, you can’t take any more and you have made the decision that you are outta there.  This job stinks and you want out.


No, seriously, your mind is made up and you have mentally checked out – to heck with this place.

So you left the job then?

No, but I’m going to give my notice, I’ve just had it.  I’m going to give it any day now and in the meantime I’m not giving them one more ounce of energy.

Hold on there buddy, back up the boat.  You are going to give your notice but you have decided to stop working in your current job?

Yep, I’m done.  I’m going to do what I want here, how I want and I don’t care; two words: I’m done.

Let me give you two words: grow up.

You are still getting paid, you still owe your employer value for that pay.

You may be done but that does not mean that your team members are and they still have a job to do and want to do it; so your mental check out is only going to hurt them negatively.

If it is that bad then put in your two weeks and leave.

Here are another two words for you: pink slip.  You would deserve it if you checked out before you left.

I have been in the same position, completely beyond frustration and ready to leave an employer; however you have to honor your commitment while you are still there.

You are making the choice to leave to leave with dignity and honor.  Complete your tasks, play nice in the sandbox and move on gracefully without disparaging your soon to be former co-workers, boss or company.

No matter what they “did” or “didn’t do” to you it is your behavior that matters.  It will follow you wherever you go.  If you leave in a disrespectful manner that reputation and your antics will pop back up sometime down the road.

Maybe the next person that is interviewing you has a cousin who is married to an employee at that company, maybe a networking connection has a close friend who is dating the boss – you just never know.

Not only that but those that you work with will remember your behavior as well.  One day down the road they may secure a wonderful new position with a company that you want to join.

Do you really think they are going to endorse you?  I doubt it.  No matter how much respect you gained while you were there that mental check out and subsequent behavior just destroyed it.  Poof!  Respect all gone.

The point it your actions reflect on you more than your words.  You may be able to attempt to explain away your behavior but no matter what you say it is what you do that counts.  There is a reason the saying, “Actions speak louder than words” is so darn popular.

Lisa K. McDonald, CPRW

Career Coach-Strategist

Certified Professional Resume Writer

Career Polish, Inc.

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