Don’t Let the Bunnies Force You Out of Your Job

bunniesMy dogs have a strange fascination with bunnies. Beyond strange, more like obsessive.

They sit at the window and watch, for hours, for any sign of a bunny. When one is spotted or a trail is picked up in the yard, they go into high alert. This consists of strange noises and the doggie equivalent of bouncing off the walls. It goes from peaceful silence to complete chaos in two seconds flat.

So imagine my surprise when I took the boys on individual walks yesterday and bunnies were in the vicinity but there was no chaos. No barking, no whining, no chasing – not even a twitch! How is this possible? How can those furry little things turn my sweet, loving crew into crazy, possessed pups in one situation and not the other?

It is the environment. On their turf, bunnies are the devil reincarnate. Outside of their turf, they do not even appear on their radar.

Our environment guides us in how we judge an issue. If you are at the point of hating your job and ready to find something new, ask yourself why. What are the bunnies that are getting to you right now?

Why do these bunnies bother you? What about them – is it a task, a person, a situation, a long commute, too much travel, a process, an inability to grow in your position? Figure out the bunny and the underlying issue with it.

Here is a curious thing. When I work with clients, they tell me why they want to leave their current job. They have identified their bunnies and the reasons why.

Then they see other job opportunities that they are interested in and get really excited. The thing is, the bunnies are listed in the job description. Right there in plain sight! But in that situation the bunnies do not matter so much.

So going back to the original list of bunnies and reasons why, it may very well turn out that it is not bunnies at all. Because you don’t notice the bunnies outside your normal environment. This is when you want to go back and re-evaluate your list on why you want to leave.

This is important because if you get an interview for that new, exciting job and you list out the reasons for leaving as the bunnies, but they are the same bunnies where you are going, odds are the interviewer is not going to think you are a good fit.

Maybe it is not the bunnies, perhaps it is you.

Have you outgrown the position, company, environment, team, city – whatever it is, there is something in you that wants a change because of a bigger pull than a bunny. When I took the boys on a walk yesterday, I diverted their attention when there was a bunny in the vicinity. I steered them to a bush to smell or mark, talked to them to distract them – anything for them not to see the bunny.

They were so happy to be interacting in a bigger capacity – outside the walls of their home or fenced in yard, that those cute little furry creatures were no longer a concern. That was the whole thing that made them happy – to be a part of something bigger.

If you are in a situation where you are not able to leave, take a look at those bunnies again. Are they really that destructive? Is it possible that you could find a bigger environment to enjoy where you are now to minimize the bunnies until you are in a better position to leave?

There are times that one of those furry little creatures is sitting right outside the window driving my crew crazy – and yes, I think they do it on purpose. I simply go outside and walk towards it, giving it gentle persuasion to go away. When I comeback in, all is calm again.

We have the power to rid the bunnies from our environment to a degree, do not let them drive you up a wall to leave one yard to jump into the very same yard but with different landscape. Do not let the bunnies hurt your job.

Take a walk around your job; look at it from a new perspective. If you were new and just hired, would these bunnies really matter? Are there other opportunities for you to explore that you had not seen before? Give yourself a chance to recreate yourself in your own environment. Often the things we want are right there in front of us, just hidden behind the bunnies.


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