Finding and Using Passion

Misfit and Micki on Chipmunk Patrol
Misfit and Micki on Chipmunk Patrol
Sometimes we can love doing something so much that it becomes a passion.  In the Spring and Summer, Misfit loved chasing bunnies.  Oh, don’t worry, she didn’t hurt any – she never even caught any.  She ran by one now and then – not a great hunting dog.  I think she loved the excitement of running around the yard yelping and chasing the bunny trail more than anything.  She became obsessed.  It got to the point that we could say, “Bunny!” and she would immediately run to the window and start looking frantically for those rascally rabbits. 

But alas, Spring sprung into Summer and Summer has drifted into Fall.  The passion of the bunny has since faded.  But never fear, the crazy dog has found another obsession: Chipmunks.  Now she sits in the front window and goes crazy when she sees one of the those furry little destroyers running around the bird feeder.  All day – I mean ALL day she cries, barks, paws at the window, tears through the house yelping and generally drives me crazy.

Today is no different and I was on my umpteenth round of “Misfit, it’s GONE!” when it hit me: this dog may be crazy, but she is passionate.  I wish I had that dedication and passion to the tasks I like the least.  Can you imagine how quickly you could get filing done if you attacked it as she does the window at the sight of a furry tail?  I could probably clean my entire office in 32 minutes if I used that type of enthusiasm! 

So maybe it is not about finding a passion per se, but applying passion to that which we must do.  What a concept, and how funny that my crazy little dog taught me a lesson today!

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